The DNC Blocks Fox News From Hosting The 2020 Campaign Debates Trump Claims He’ll Block The Fake News Too


Disturbing news reports about the escapades of Donald Trump are all over the Internet. Networks like CNN and NBC saw through Trump’s plan to turn American democracy into another version of a nepotistic dictatorship when he first entered the political scene. The Washington Post and the New York Times, rarely miss an opportunity to expose Trump for who he is. But Fox News does the opposite. Rupert Murdoch, the man behind Fox News, is a full-blown Trumpian. Rupert does his best to praise the president for turning Americans against each other, according to the New Yorker.

The press likes to report the falsehoods Mr. Trump spews into the atmosphere like one of those sulfur pools in Yellowstone. He relies on Fox News to be in his corner when he makes claims without the evidence to support them. But Fox News does more than just cover the president’s lying back. According to a New Yorker article, Fox News gave Trump the questions Meghan Kelly would ask him before one of the 2016 campaign debates.

When Fox News uncovered the Stormy Daniels story before the 2016 campaign started, Rupert Murdoch told the reporter who discovered the Trump affair to forget about running the story. Murdoch wanted Trump to win no matter the ethical cost, according to the New Yorker.

The Democratic National Committee read the New Yorker story and realized Fox News may pull the same or similar tricks during the 2020 campaign. So the DNC decided to block Fox from hosting any of the debates.

That news made Trump go into full tweeting mode. Mr. Trump tweeted he would block the Fake News networks from hosting the debates. But Trump doesn’t have the power to do that even though he says he does. The DNC and the RNC committee set up campaign debates. And the RNC would have a hard time justifying blocking the major networks from hosting the campaign debates.

According to a Fox News statement, the DNC candidate will suffer from the lack of exposure Fox News offers presidential candidates. Fox claims its debate team is the best in the business, and the team offers candidates the largest TV viewing audience in the United States.

That Fox News statement sounds like it came right out of the Trumpian handbook. The debates are still in the planning stage so anything can happen now that the DNC gave Trump another cause and another platform where he can embarrass himself and then call it a win.


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