Crave Beauty Academy: Trendsetter in Beauty and Cosmetology


Beauty is a vital aspect of life. Not only are people trying to retain their natural beauty but also enhancing their beauty by improving their appearance. One company that has noticed the increased desire of people to improve their looks is Crave Beauty Academy.

For that matter, Crave Beauty Academy has taken a keen interest in providing excellent coaching and training to students aspiring to venture into the beauty industry. The school remains true to its calling of assisting students in embracing change as well as the excitement that comes with working in the beauty industry. Crave Beauty Academy is a school specializing in cosmetology. It has diversified and currently has branches in Missouri, Ballwin, Kansas, and Wichita.

Programs Offered at Crave Beauty College

Esthetics – esthetics enables students to master various aspects of beauty such as massage, treatments, anatomy, and analysis. The school understands that students from different parts of the country require different hours to enable them to master their skills. For those reasons, students in places such as Ballwin learn for 750 hours whereas those in Wichita for 1000 hours. Despite the different hours, all the courses play the same role in equipping learners with the right skills they need to become professional estheticians.

Cosmetology – the cosmetology classes offered at the institution provides you with the best knowledge you’ll need to embark on your career. The learning is holistic since it includes learning both on the salon floor and in the classroom. The cosmetology programs at the college take around 1500 hours at most, by the end of which most of the learners will have mastered skills about working on skin and hair.

Nail Technology – the nail technology courses are the shortest, taking about 400 hours in Ballwin and 350 hours in Wichita. Your training will equip you with the skills needed for expert nail work such as pedicures, manicures, nail health, and nail enhancement.

Job Prospects for Students Working at Crave

Crave Beauty Academy offers students the best opportunity to gain important skills in preparation for the job market. The beauty and cosmetics industry is wide and offers a wide array of possibilities. Often, employers find it an uphill task hiring qualified beauticians. Therefore, armed with your knowledge and skill-set from Crave, you’re assured of multiple job offers immediately you step into the job market.

Financial Aid for the Less Fortunate Students

Crave recognizes that not all the students may be able to fund their study at the college fully. As a result, the school has come up with formidable programs that give aid to students who may be struggling to go through the institution. Options that are currently available at Crave for less fortunate students are student loan facilities and scholarships.

The management at Crave Beauty Academy has recognized the expansion that the school is undergoing. For that reason, they have put in place stringent measures that will ensure that quality instruction is upheld and that there is a 100% transition to the job market for all students. Your feature in the beauty sector is guaranteed by attending this reputed beauty college.

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