Allegation Of White Supremacy Float Through The Trumpian Air

U.S. President Donald Trump looks up during a meeting about healthcare at the White House in Washington, U.S., March 13, 2017. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

President Trump Twitter-jabbed Meghan McCain in raw and hurtful places over the weekend. Trump said her dad, John McCain, was to blame for the mess Trump created when he decided to hop in bed with his Russians comrades, and make a bundle of money and maybe become the next president.

John McCain was the first person to read the unverified ex-British spy Christopher Steele Dossier. Steele claims when Trump was in Moscow in 2015, he went orgy-crazy, and his Russian comrades have the video- proof locked in the Kremlin, and Putin has the key.

The report also claims the Russians wanted him to lift U.S. sanctions if they succeeded in altering the democratic voting process. Trump let Russia know he would ease sanctions at one specific campaign rally when a Russian agent asked him that question. He said he liked Russia, and he answered he no problem lifting sanctions.

Meghan wasn’t the only high-profile woman Trump Twitter-jabbed over the weekend. Mary Barra, the CEO of GM, had to calm Trump down when he went ape-shit over the Lordstown, Ohio factory shutdown. Barra told the president to stay in his lane. She told the Trumpster, GM, and the UAW had it under control.

But the lingering underbelly of humanity floated around Trumpland all weekend. The New Zealand attack was a wake-up call for New Zealand and an alarm for the rest of the world. Mr. Trump didn’t express the sorrow that many Americans felt for the people in New Zealand, according to several press reports. Mr. Trump claims the press want to call him a white Supremacist just because his message to New Zealand was a half-baked attempt to express empty condolences.

According to the Washington Post Trump’s track record with bigots, racists, and general haters is impressive. Mr. Trump’s nationalism is a popular topic in places like Hungary, Poland, and Brazil. And white nationalism is the driving force, according to the Washington Post. Mr. Trump claims the number of white supremacists is a small number. But recent government reports say the movement grows daily.

But Mr. Trump took the heat off himself when he got a chance to Twitter-jab Joe Biden. Joe stumbled on his words during a speech and Mr. Trump tweeted Biden just another low IQ individual who can’t do anything on his own. The last time Trump attacked Biden he said running against Biden would be a dream.


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