According to the Times Trump Played Deutsche Bank like a Fine-Tuned Money Machine


It was a presidential tweeting extravagance like no other when Mr. Trump couldn’t go to Florida to be the big dog on his own piece of heaven. His tweetstorm was his version of that polar cyclone that hit the Midwest.

Mr. Trump feels the pressure now that more Mueller information comes through the courts from trials his former group of white-collar, fine-tuned thugs faced. Mueller nailed seven Trumpians. According to the Washington Post, if it wasn’t for Manafort keeping his mouth shut, Trump knows he would be digging out from lawsuits and insults for the rest of his life.

Rick Gates is the Trumpian Mueller keeps in his back pocket for a reason. Gates and Manafort were business partners. They lobbied and worked with Ukrainians and Russians. What Manafort knows, Gates knows, according to the New York Times. Gates won’t get his orange jumpsuit until May. That’s why some news reports say the Mueller report may drop in April.

The president got recognition for being the New Zealand attacker’s inspiration. The Trumpster couldn’t let on he liked that kind of loyalty the way he did when he went to wrestling matches just to mingle with his chosen few.

But despite his chaotic tendencies and altered reality remarks, President Trump is the master of getting what he wants. When the Trumpster bankrupted his casinos and his airline fell apart, U.S. banks told Trump he can’t borrow to steal anymore. U.S. banks lost multi-millions of dollars on Trump loans. The Trump Organization con game couldn’t exist without bank financing, according to the New York Times. So Trump found a bank in Europe that would stamp his ticket to more wealth and the White House.

Deutsche Bank executives wanted to lend money to high-profile rich people and Trump fit that description. Trump wanted the bankers to feel how rich he was, so he gave them perks and the elegance of hanging out at Mar-a-Lago. One bank executive after another fell under Trump’s conman spell. Different divisions of Deutsche Bank kept lending him money for different projects.

But now that Congress wants to know what Deutsche Bank knew about Trump’s projects and any foreign transactions that included his participation, U.S. bankers let out a sigh of relief. They know Trump always overstated his assets and oversold his capabilities, according to the New York Times. The New York prosecutors also want to know why Trump got such special treatment.


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