Trump’s Got The Witch Hunt Investigation Blues


It’s official. Mr. Trump declared war on half of the nation while he spoke of unity during his SOTU address. Instead of focusing on future technology and infrastructure rebuilding plans, Trump stuck with his updated version of an Alamo situation happening on the border. Unnamed aides thing the Trumpster is going to send his version of his border invasion to some Hollywood producers.

Mr. Trump did write a convincing script about the need for a border wall. His voter base had visions of another East-West Berlin thing when Trump first told them he would pull $5 billion out of Mexico to get that project started. Mexico called Trump a pinchazo and told him to forget about it in Spanish. So Trump turned to the swamp to get his $5 billion to build a wall. But it’s not a 2-000 mile wall Trump wants. Most of the areas that need a wall have some kind of barrier that makes it hard for people to cross on foot. Trump’s government shutdown fiasco centered on 200 miles of the almost 2,000-mile Mexican border.

Wall security is a hot topic now, but the issues on the border aren’t new. For years the government failed to focus on the immigration issues that make the border such a political debacle. Trump just made up his own solution to keep the people he disrespects out of the country. Then he sold that border-solution-snake-oil to 40 percent of the U.S. population. Mr. Trump bet people were not that tuned-in to the real border issues, and that helped him get elected.

The president has another security issue that will keep his name in the headlines in 2019. The chairman of the Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, let the country know his committee is in full-court press mode, and the Trump family is their prey. It’s not just the president the Democrats want to take to the political mat. They want Ivanka to explain her shady behavior as a Trump Organization official. And the committee wants to know why she seems to mix business with politics during her two years as a senior advisor to the president.

Don, Eric, and Ivanka are already under investigation in New York. The New York feds think the Trump kids swindles a bunch of people out of millions.

Mr. Trump in true “witch Hunt” fashion claims Schiff is a loser, and the Democrats are smart enough to untangle his mobster network. But Speaker Pelosi sees Trump blood in the water. That’s why she gave him that fish-shaped clap after that less-than-heartfelt SOTU unity speech. She wanted to let him know she’s too hip to be square when it comes to believing him.


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