Trump Still Has His Finger On The Government Shut Down Button


The quest to find a solution for the border wall mess Trump created is at a standstill. The committee of Republicans and Democrats can’t agree on border wall funding. Some news reports say Trump still wants $5 billion for border security. The Democrats say $2 billion will be enough. The Democrats on the committee say $5 billion is too much money for a wall that won’t solve the border issue as well as other immigration issues.

Mr. Trump blames the Democrats for stalling the negotiations. The president told the press the Democrats want to take a little pressure off the party due to Virginia’s Governor Ralph Northam refusal to step down after a photo in his medical school yearbook showed him in blackface. Then to make matters worse for the Democrats, Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax is in hot water too. Two women accused Fairfax of sexual misconduct, but Fairfax claims the sex was consensual.

Northam and Fairfax won’t resign. Trump believes Pelosi and company are playing games with the border agreement to take the pressure off the situation in Virginia. But this isn’t the first time Trump said the committee wouldn’t be able to solve the border wall issues. He’s had his finger on the shutdown button for the last two weeks. Chief of Staff Mike Mulvaney said the president is ready to get his wall built with or without Congressional approval. But the Democrats say that won’t happen.

The Republicans don’t want another shutdown. Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, the two Trump senate protectors, know another shutdown would be the straw that breaks the Republican hold on the Senate in 2020. But Trump doesn’t think that way.

According to the president, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are the villain’s in the border wall dispute. Trump thinks Pelosi and Schumer are behind the stalemate. Mr. Trump thinks the two Democratic leaders are in control of the Democrats on the committee, and they don’t want the members of the committee to reach an agreement.

Obviously, the president believes his voter base will take his side. But most Americans know Trump is the problem. His fabricated wall building scheme gives him credibility with his voter base. But that credibility is fading fast thanks to the first government shutdown and his middle-class tax cuts that aren’t tax cuts.

Trump wants people to believe he knows best even though he only pays attention to national issues about 50 percent of the time. The other 50 percent of his time he’s eating Big Macs and watching TV.


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