Trump Might Want To Build More Than Economic Bridges In North Korea


The first summit between President Trump and Kin Jon Un was a display of Mr. Trump’s negotiating style. And it displayed Mr. Kim’s need to stop the U.S. sanctions that continue to keep North Korea’s economy in the toilet. If it wasn’t for Kim’s relationship with Chinese President Xi, and the Chinese factories that send North Korea business, Kim would have to cut back on his daily Kimchee consumption.

Mr. Kim promised Mr. Trump he would stop building nuclear weapons. And he would destroy the missile he keeps in bunkers all over the country. But that didn’t happen. So Trump claimed victory for just being at the first summit. The two men shook hands. And they acted like they would do anything for each other. When two con men of their caliber get together, people know they are in for a masterful display of fabrications that sell the sizzle without a taste of the meat. That first meeting was a lot of showmanship with no results.

Mike Pompeo and the State Department say the Hanoi Summit between the presidential besties will be a result producer. Kim wants to merge with South Korea but those sanctions stand in the way. Trump wants Kim to send the remains of U.S. soldiers home. And Trump wants to set up a liaison office in Washington and one in North Korea. Kim let the press know he’s over missile building even though U.S. intelligence agencies say Kim won’t quit building weapons. So Trump will claim that as a win when Kim agrees for the second time.

According to the Washington Post, Trump could succeed if Kim sends American bodies home. And if Kim’s good with setting up offices in both capitals. But Kim won’t give up his missiles. Mr. Trump could bring the North and the South together if he wanted to do that. That may be the ace in Trump’s con game that makes Kim get serious.

Mr. Trump’s critics say the president always has a hidden agenda when he’s conning people on the taxpayers’ dime. North Korea has everything Mr. Trump needs to put a Trump Tower in Pyongyang. Mr. Trump noticed the beaches in North Korea last year. He told the press North Korea has a lot to offer any developer who can make a deal with Mr. Kim. But the only flaw in the critics thought process is Kim will go for the deal, but he will change the deal whenever he feels like it. He learned that trick from Mr. Trump.


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