Roger Stone Is Back In Court For Allegedly Threatening A Federal Judge


Roger Stone made a name for himself in the Republican Party. Stone is a conspiracy theorist as well as a self-proclaimed dirty trickster. When the Mueller team brought Stone in to find out what his role was in Trump’s 2016 campaign, he told the press he would never turn on the president. He said the Mueller investigation is a witch hunt. He said he never made contact with WikiLeaks during the campaign. That Stone statement didn’t pass Mueller’s legal litmus test. The Mueller team has proof Stone acted as a third party between the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks during the campaign.

The reason Stone had contact with WikiLeaks was to learn when the dirt WikiLeaks had on Hillary Clinton would come to the surface. According to Mueller, Russia gave that damaging information to WikiLeaks. With the alleged help from Jerome Corsi, another conspiracy theorist, Roger was able to give the Trump Organization a Clinton email release date. Trump mentioned the Russians at one of his campaign rallies, and the next day Clinton’s emails surfaced.

When Roger Stone testified about his involvement with the Trump campaign, he lied. Mueller found proof of a lie, and now Stone is in court trying to prove his innocence. But Mr. Stone made sure his followers and Trump voters knew Mueller singled him out because he is loyal to the president, and the investigation is a witch hunt. He flashed the Nixon victory sign after his first court appearance. The judge immediately put a gag order in place to stop Stone from creating more drama. But drama is in Stone’s DNA, according to the Democrats.

Even though the gag order was in place, Stone posted a picture of Judge Jackson with what appeared to be the crosshairs sign behind her. When Stone’s lawyers saw the post, they told him to delete the post. He did, but then he posted the same photo without the crosshairs symbol. Stone deleted that post too, and he apologized to the judge. But Judge Jackson didn’t let Stone’s threat go unnoticed. She ordered him back to court to explain the post. Some legal experts think the judge may throw Stone to jail. Other experts think the judge will order a sweeping gag order to silence the dirty trickster and his lawyers.

Mr. Stone never shows fear, but the thought of jail time makes him nervous, according to Stone’s friends. They say Roger will feel lost without his Brooks Brothers suits and his calfskin dress shoes.


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