President Trump Wants To Create A Panel That Challenges Climate Change


While an iceberg two times the size of New York City is on the verge of breaking off from Antarctica’s Brunt Ice Shelf, President Trump wants to create a panel of experts that say fossil fuel is not one of the factors that contribute to climate change. According to NASA, cracks in the iceberg continue to grow at an alarming rate. NASA doesn’t know how Antarctica’s Brunt Ice Shelf will react one the iceberg crack is large enough to separate it from the rest of the ice shelf. But scientists do know this iceberg berg is the largest catastrophe in iceberg-break history.

According to NASA, the iceberg crack hasn’t moved much in the last 35 years. But the crack started to move at an accelerated rate recently. The crack is in the process of moving northward at 2.5 miles a year. When that crack reaches other cracks in the iceberg, more than 600 square miles of ice will drift and melt into the ocean. According to NASA, coastal flooding will increase in 2019 if the ice cracks merge.

NASA scientists aren’t sure if Antarctica’s Brunt Ice Shelf will break up once the iceberg drifts away. If that happens, coastal flooding and stronger storms around the world will be two of the devastating results of this climate change event.

While NASA scientists try to figure out what the next big climate change event will be, President Trump wants to create a panel of experts who believe climate change is a hoax. According to the Washington Post, the White House wants to put a panel of federal scientists together who say burning fossil fuel doesn’t hurt the planet. According to scientists around the world, human greenhouse gas emissions play a large role in climate changes people around the world experience on a daily basis.

Mr. Trump’s panel of expert climate change deniers will include scientists who question the severity of climate change and the changes human create by releasing toxic chemicals in the atmosphere. This group won’t be subject to public scrutiny, and the panel won’t have to disclose why they make climate change assumptions that go against the work of leading climate change scientists.

The panel is part of a National Security Council initiative. The scientists who join the panel want to stay out of the line of fire, so they asked for anonymity. That request shows the lack of transparency that Trump uses to create chaos, according to the Post.


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