Jeff Sessions Was in over His Hate-Filled Head in Washington According to Andrew Mccabe’s New Book


Jeff Sessions, the Alabama immigrant hater, got his dream job when he kissed Trump’s backside during the 2016 campaign. Mr. Sessions has a reputation for being a cunning and deceitful politician who blames all America’s problems on immigration. Mr. Sessions did his best to make life miserable for asylum seekers while he was attorney general.

Sessions was the architect of the separate kids from their parents at the border edict. That fiasco is still a complicated mess, but the good news Sessions is back in Alabama licking his political wounds.

When Sessions was an Alabama judge, he took his hatred out on the LGBT community. He tried to stop same-sex marriages, Sessions didn’t hide his hatred for the LGBT community, and that gave Sessions credibility in Trump’s eyes.

But Trump never forgave Sessions for recusing himself from the Mueller investigation. Sessions may be a hater, but he knows how to protect himself. During the 2016 campaign, Mr. Sessions got a little too close to the Russians the Trump Organization allegedly used to win the election, according to the Washington Post.

Trump gave Sessions a chance to resign after the president tweet-bashed him time and time again. But Mr. Sessions stayed around long enough to cause serious damage to American democracy.

According to former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, Jeff Sessions was a confused bigot who wanted to put conservative judges on benches around the country.

In his book, McCabe claims Sessions had a hard time focusing on the issues in front of him. His ignorance about minorities was front and center while Sessions was attorney general. Trump called Sessions a dumb Southerner because Mr. Sessions had a short attention span and the fact that Jeff couldn’t tell the difference between the information in classified material and the information in newspaper clippings, according to McCabe.

Mr. Sessions also had a problem using the tablet that contained daily presidential briefs. He never signed in to read those briefs or any other important information that came to him electronically.

McCabe lost all respect for Sessions when Jeff told him he should hire Irish drunks as FBI agents. Sessions said the drunks are more truthful than the FBI agents that wear earrings and tattoos. Mr. McCabe said he realized Sessions bigoted stupidity was as dangerous as his quest to violate the human rights of the LGBT community and immigrant families.


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