Amazon And Long Island City Have A Lover’s Quarrel


More than 200 cities around the country began a courtship with Amazon in 2017 and it put “The Bachelor” to shame. Cities like Dallas Miami, Columbus, New York all brought Jeff Bezos gifts. And those gifts weren’t your normal courtship gifts. Those cities wanted an injection of 25,000 jobs and they pulled down their tax collecting pants to do it.

The wealthiest person in the world deserves a discount, or at least that’s what Amazon executives thought. The Amazon name would bring great honor to the city if it became HQ2. When Bezos and his executives thought about expanding, they wanted one big HQ2. But as city after city came in with their proposals, Amazon realized infrastructure in most of the cities was shabby 1960s quality. And housing for that number of new employees would be a nightmare for many of those cities. So, Amazon decided to have two HQ2s. One in Virginia and the other one in Long Island City, New York.

Long Island City is a satellite City of New York City. New Yorkers thought having a touch of Bezos in the neighborhood would wash away some of that Trump stench. The city needed a real billionaire in town and Jeff seem to like to live in a plethora of homes.

But the word on the street in New York is, Long Island City may want to break their capitalistic engagement with Amazon. Some reports say Trump and National Enquirer publisher, David Pecker may have pulled some old New York mobster tricks on Bezos.

But most reports say the people don’t want all the headaches Amazon brings to the city. After all, Long Island City is a close-knit city that doesn’t speak anything but New Yorkeez. And some reports say the gifts the New York officials promised Bezos before Pecker and AMI threaten to post his junk on the web may want some of their gifts back. According to the latest report, New York City officials say they still want Amazon and Bezos to be New Yorkers.

Mr. Bezos does have revenge on his mind. Jeff might be able to prove David Pecker broke the law again. If that happens, Pecker may want to call in some of those favors Mr. Trump owes him. But Pecker better act fast, according to the Democrats. Trump is also in Bezos’s crosshairs. Bezos knows Trump put the affair bug in his future brother-in-law’s ear. Trump knew Pecker wouldn’t pass up a chance to settle a score with the owner of the Washington Post.


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