Trump’s First 2019 Cabinet Meeting Is One for the History Books


It’s safe to say President Trump had a tough Christmas. He had to stay in the White House instead of jetting to Mar-a-Lago to milk more money out of the rich members of his exclusive Palm Beach resort. Melania came back from Palm Beach to be with the president as he begged for $5 billion to build his wall along the Mexican border. Trump drew a line in the political sand about wall funding, and that decision closed 25 percent of the government.

When the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve, Trump saddled up his tweeting thumbs and didn’t waste any time railing against the Democrats, and his former cabinet members. Trump felt alone even though his voter base still believed he would be victorious in his quest to get funding for his border wall.

But the president didn’t get into full Trump character until he got his cabinet together and gave them 95 minutes of the world according to Donald Trump. Trump talked about the great walls around the world and how important wheels are. He threw shade at Iran for being Iran, and he tried to put newly elected Senator Mitt Romney in his place by saying he did what Romney couldn’t do in 2012. He gave former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis another dose of military Trumponomics. And he roasted Jeff Fake and Bob Corker for being Republicans who still believe Trump needs adult supervision.

Mr. Trump didn’t stop there. He said he’s popular in Europe, and his remaining generals are better looking than Tom Cruise. He even brought his pal Kanye West into the conversation to validate some of his facts. And just so his cabinet understood him, he told the cabinet how lonely he was over the holidays.

Then to test the loyalty of his cabinet members he asked them about their contribution to border security. Vice President Mike Pence told the Trumpians he too stayed in Washington over the holidays. And in true Pence fashion, Pence licked the president’s wingtips with Trumpian praises. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen told Trump he’s a great leader. And his new lap dog acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker told Trump he admired the president for being “Home Alone” during the holidays. Energy Secretary Rick Perry tried to come up with something special to say. But all he could come up with was a slight pat on the back for his border stand. Perry worded his praise in a strange but effective way. The president nodded his head at Perry, and then he smiled as each member of his cabinet continued to kiss his nationalistic ring with their praises.


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