Russia and China Will Try to Influence the 2020 Presidential Election Using the Internet and Cyberattacks According to U.S. Intelligence


Donald Trump denied the fact that Russia interfered with the 2016 election when that news hit the press in 2016. Trump said he won the election without Russia’s help. The world knows what Mr. Trump said then isn’t anywhere near the truth. In fact, several members of the Trump campaign contacted Russians and lied about it to cover up what some legal experts call collusion. Mr. Trump denied any collusion, and he continues to call the Mueller investigation a witch hunt.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has evidence that proves six Trump campaign officials did connect with the Russians in some way in 2016, and more than 30 other people connected to Trump’s campaign had some sort of interaction with Russians. The Russian Internet invasion that influenced the campaign gave Russian President Vladimir Putin bragging rights. He did what no other Russian leader could do. He tore a piece of democracy out of the United States. And he didn’t fire a shot or sink a ship to make that happen.

Russia’s status in parts of the world reached new heights after the election, according to a Washington Post Op-ed. Countries that feel the pain of U.S. sanctions and trade disagreements with the United States want to get in on Putin’s tampering game in 2020. Iran is one of the countries that would like nothing more than to torpedo the election on the Internet. Trump claims Iran still wants to build nuclear weapons. Trump said Iran is in the process of developing weapons of mass destruction even there’s no proof of that, according to Dan Coats the director of the National Intelligence agency.

Mr. Coats also thinks North Korea won’t give up their nuclear program as Trump suggested after his first meeting with Kim Jon Un. North Korea believes their only defense lies in their nuclear program and they won’t let Trump influence that belief.

Political interference is a win for America’s enemies. Converging on social media sites and using cyber attacks will increase during the 2020 election, according to U.S. intelligence information. Russia will lead the pack of foreign invaders, but China will also play a part in trying to influence the outcome of the next presidential election on the Internet as well as through an alliance with Russia. That alliance hasn’t been this strong since the 1950s.

It’s hard not to blame Trump for China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea getting together to bring down American democracy. He’s started that process, and America’s enemies want to finish what he started, according to the New York Times and the Washington Post.


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