Disney Will Start a New Streaming Service Later This Year


Netflix has dominated the world of online streaming for a very long time now. Hulu and Amazon have started streaming services that have become very popular. However, they have not even scratched the surface of how popular Netflix is in the United States and around the world. However, Netflix will be getting another major competitor in the near future. Disney has announced that they are officially getting into the streaming business in the second half of 2019. Their service will be called Disney+. This will be a major blow to Netflix because it means that all shows and movies that are owned by Disney will be removed from Netflix this year, if they haven’t been already.

Disney owns Marvel Studios. Therefore, Netflix subscribers will no longer be able to watch blockbusters like “Black Panther” and the Avengers series. There is no question that Netflix content will suffer greatly as a result of losing all of their Disney catalog. To make matters worse for Netflix, Comcast has announced they will also be starting a streaming service. Comcast currently owns NBC. This means that all NBC shows will be leaving Netflix as well. Disney also owns the “Star Wars” franchise. Therefore, all shows and movies related to the science fiction saga will be exclusive to Disney+.

Disney has not announced a specific date that their new streaming service will officially launch. They have also not revealed details of their pricing structure. However, Disney CEO Bob Iger has said that Disney+ will cost less per month than a Netflix subscription. It should also be noted that Disney has much less content to offer than Netflix at this point. What shows and movies will be available? Disney has also not been specific in that regard either. Disney acquired the large National Geographic catalog when they bought a percentage of Fox. Therefore, there will be a lot of National Geographic content available.

There will also be many original shows and movies that will appear on Disney+. This includes a new series featuring the character Loki from the Marvel Thor and Avengers movies. Tom Hiddleston will be reprising his role from those movies. There will also be another “High School Musical” series with a brand new cast. Disney has not revealed any other info regarding other original shows. However, Bob Iger said that Disney plans to invest a lot of money into producing original content for the service.


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