Trump Asks Supreme Court to Restore Asylum Order

U.S. President Donald Trump looks up during a meeting about healthcare at the White House in Washington, U.S., March 13, 2017. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

United States President Donald Trump requested the nation’s highest court on Tuesday to allow his directive to deny political asylum to immigrants entering the country illegally while the court decides on a restraining order issued by a San Francisco judge.

President Trump has taken a harsh stance against immigration since becoming America’s 45th president in 2016. A restraining order against the president’s rules for asylum was issued by a federal judge in San Francisco just under a month ago. The Department of Justice has joined the president in his request to the court to lift the restraining order.

The proclamation issued by the president on November 9 stipulates that asylum can only be granted to asylum seekers that use an authorized point of entry to enter the country. The president says he issued the proclamation to give relief to a system of immigration that is severely overburdened. United States District Court Judge Jon Tigar blocked the action of the president ten days later.

A similar request to lift the restraining order by Judge Tigar was denied Friday by a federal appeals court in San Francisco. The court’s judgment explained that the government does not appear headed for victory in litigation of the matter.

The Justice Department explained in its written request to the Supreme Court that Judge Tigar’s injunction hampered efforts to control the southern border of the United States.

The Trump proclamation is seen as a direct attempt to thwart the efforts to gain asylum in America by thousands of individuals who joined a caravan on a journey to the southern border. Members of the caravan are seeking to escape the poverty and violence that exists in their native countries.

Groups representing immigrant rights immediately filed lawsuits in response to the action taken by the president. Their stance is the president’s actions violate both federal laws and immigration policies that are standard for the nation.

Judge Tigar’s ruling on the matter explained that Congress was clear in its instruction that asylum is given to immigrants regardless of their entry point into the country.

The angry response from Trump over the ruling of Tigar included statements referring to Judge Tigar as an “Obama judge.” He also called the ninth district court of the United States a “disgrace.”

Chief Supreme Court Justice John Roberts responded directly to the president over the criticisms of Tigar and the ninth district court. Roberts asserted that judges have no allegiance to any particular president but instead served the needs of the nation as a whole.


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