Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Played Jared Kushner According to the New York Times


Ivanka and husband Jared Kushner have the president’s ear. Kushner is the guy Trump said would bring peace to the Middle East. No one knew how Kushner, a New York real estate developer, would be able to do what others with more foreign relations experienced failed to do. But Kushner had a brilliant plan. He knew Saudi Arabia could be the key that might unlock peace in the Middle East so Jared decided to get up close and personal with the Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. Kushner and Mohammad quickly became close friends. What Kushner didn’t know was Mohammad needed Kushner to cover up his dirty work.

Mohammad liked the idea of having Jared around. The prince promised Kushner he could help with the peace process. But some new reports say the prince used Kushner to get close to the president. Chief of Staff John Kelly told Mr. Kushner not to talk to the prince unless a National Security Council staff member participated in the calls. Kelly thought Kushner’s text messages and phone calls to the prince could backfire on Kushner. The Saudi’s know how to manipulate the people they need. Mohammad needed Jared’s friendship, according to the New York Times.

Even though there were restrictions in place, Kushner continued to talk to the prince after the violent ambush of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Jared decided to support the prince when his name kept popping up as the brains behind the Khashoggi incident. Jared relationship with the prince seemed to color the view the president has of the Khashoggi nightmare. But it wasn’t just Jared’s relationship with Prince Mohammad that kept Trump waving the Saudi flag. Mohammad promised Kushner his country would spend billions buying weapons and other Trump products. That was all the information Mr. Trump needed to dodge questions about Mohammad’s involvement in the Khashoggi disappearance.

When the CIA told the president that Mohammad orchestrated the violence against Khashoggi, Trump said the prince had nothing to do with it. That support was one reason Prince Mohammad got close to Kushner. Mohammad knew he would need the United States to stand up close to him even though all the evidence pointed to him. According to some political analysts, the prince played Kushner. The Saudi’s got what they wanted. And Trump got some Saudi money the prince promised. A deal that only a money-hungry devil could love, according to some Democrats.


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