Nick Vertucci Appears On The Jason Hartman’s AIPIS Podcast


In a recent interview on the Accredited Income Property Investment Specialist podcast (AIPIS), with host Jason Hartman, Nick Vertucci discussed his personal experiences in the real estate world and traced his journey from selling and flipping to educating. He went on to disclose his beliefs on how success is developed. Nick Vertucci is the author of Seven Figure Decisions and is the founder of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA).


*AIPIS is a program dedicated to educating real estate specialists and investors in “the proven methods of income property investments as a road to building wealth. Host, Jason Hartman, has 25+ years’ experience in the real estate industry. The program is dedicated to helping “Realtors, mortgage officers, and financial advisors earn income via assisting their clients to build successful income property portfolios.


Now, let’s take a closer look at Jason’s interview with real estate professional Nick Vertucci.


Nick’s Kickoff into The Real Estate Sector.


Nick explains that when he was 22, he found college was not for him. He therefore started to pursue an opportunity brokering computer chips. He recalls that he was in the right place at the right time, and this business continued to grow. Eventually, by the year 2000, Nick had amassed a profit of over a million dollars. However, the dot com crash took it all. By 2004, Nick was in what he calls one of the “worst financial positions of his life.”

nick vertucci, CEO of the nick vertucci real estate academy, author of seven figure decisions, and avid poker player
Nick Vertucci CEO of NVREA

One day, Nick was invited to a real estate seminar by an acquaintance named Walt. Nick explained that he and Walt were in similar positions – they had both become successful but found themselves in economic crisis by 2004. Nick initially refused to attend, saying that he needed Friday through Sunday to recharge – he was in the middle of trying to keep from losing his business. However, after more convincing, and upon learning that Walt had spent $6,000 on this training seminar, Nick was ready to go. This was the seven-figure decision that Nick says changed his path:


“By day 2, I made a decision I was going to pursue this business”


Nick’s Journey from Selling and Flipping Real Estate to Education …


In the interview, Hartman questions Nick on how he went from selling and flipping to educating. Nick was solely an investor until 2014, when he opened NVREA.


Between 2004 and 2014, Nick focused on his turnkey system in which he sold real estate properties to investors. He would help investors buy properties, rehab them, locate renters, then hire a management company to control them. Nick was helping investors make passive income via real estate while enhancing his financial position along the way.


Then in 2014, Nick was struck with realization that one crucial event had catapulted him into the training sector – he discloses, “it wasn’t really going to be my plan.” Nick underwent one of the worst experiences of his life, which turned out to be one of the best: A partnership turned bad changed his trajectory.


Nick was a member of two partnerships, which created his cash flow system. One partnership was with his real partner, and another with a man who already operated a real estate training program. Nick and his partner provided properties for the students in training. Unfortunately, after completing hundreds of deals, in 2013, the other two partners circumvented Nick out of the deals. Nick therefore moved forward with opening his own training school.

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Today, he runs the National Real Estate Network and Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, both of which are directed towards educating students on how to get involved in real estate, including:


  • Teaching people how to flip properties: Purchasing a run-down property, fixing it up, then selling it for a profit.
  • Gap fund money into deals safely. Funding zero cash flow deals as an investment in the future.
  • Purchase cashflow residential properties. Leveraging residential homes to increase cash flow.
  • Buy commercial properties. Whether it is retail, multifamily, office, industrial, or a mixed-use asset, Nick educates clients on how investment properties can improve financial wealth.


The ironic part of this story: education was not far from Nick’s path. He “is a product of the real estate training industry,” and he recognizes that he would not have found his success had he not attended that weekend training back in 2004. Today, his passion lies with educating others and helping them find the financial freedom he enjoys today.


Moving Forward: Seven Figure Decisions


Not only the title of Nick’s recently released book, but also the philosophy that Nick lives by. Nick shares in his interview with Jason how every decision is a seven-figure decision… but to make no decision is a fatal error.


Nick bears an interesting perspective on how individual decisions can impact the outcome of one’s life. He recalls how saying “Yes” to the real estate course back in 2004 actually changed his life drastically. Even though he had made so many other decisions previously, good and bad, this single decision is the one that changed his life.


But how did he develop the concept of a seven-figure decision?


In March of 2014, after Nick had dissolved his partnerships and was three months into successfully opening his own education training, the owner of a competing academy threatened Nick with legal action – he did not want Nick infringing on his turf, so to speak. While on the phone, Nick had his epiphany. The former partner told him to quit the business, threatening to ruin him financially. He continued to explain that Nick should take his time on this decision, as it was a “seven figure decision.” This was Nick’s aha moment – according to the man himself.


“It made me realize that my life really was based on all these decisions that were all seven figure decisions, good or bad. And I had a defining moment where I had to decide am I going to fight for what my actual destiny was or was I going to cave.” Nick identified that he had to make his own destiny.


Lessons to Learn from Nick’s Seven Figure Decision


Nick is a leader and a motivator in his field – not only because he has succeeded financially, but because he has the insight to share with others, which will help them grow and develop their own business plans. The interview outlines the in-depth understanding Nick has on the mental elements of becoming successful. Nick shapes his understanding of what one needs to build wealth:


  • “Successful people have the ability to push through obstacles.” In the end, successful students will take what they learned and continue to pursue their goals no matter the failures that they encounter.
  • “Making no decision is the worst decision you can make.” Too many people pass through life fearful of making the wrong decision, so they make no decision. However, this does not foster progress and will only leave you stagnant without growth.
  • Fear is the leading barrier preventing success. As emphasized by Nick, fear is what stops people from moving forward. Whether it be associated with self, family, or society, fear is a paralyzing emotion that can hold one still in life. Overcoming and using it is the way that unimaginable development is made possible.

But Why Real Estate?


The knowledge and experience that Nick shares are isolated to real estate. With multiple financially-driven industries available, Jason prompts Nick to explore and share why he focused his endeavors on real estate.


One simple response – “PASSION FOR CASH FLOW.” Nick’s motivation to pursue investment real estate is driven by his goal: to increase cash flow for his future. While working in the tech industry, Nick learned how he was at a disadvantage by being in the active income business; that is, he depended on customers and transactions to improve his financial status. By entering into real estate, Nick hoped to find an avenue to obtaining cash flow without requiring daily transactions, which brought him to cash flow properties, or investment real estate.


Preparing for the Future


The passion for cash flow does not only lie within immediate success, but rather is preparing Nick for the future. In the interview, Nick outlines the WHY for cash flow properties – to prepare for retirement. According to Nick, no one wants to depend on the government or on a company for their retirement plan; investing in one to two properties per year could provide you the chance to enjoy retirement without the stress of financial burdens.


Real Estate Is Challenging but Well Worth It


“It is an amazing business if you stick to it.” Although some people may suggest that the business is easy and can make you a millionaire overnight, Nick contradicts this, stating that building wealth and finding success is hard work and can be challenging. However, he recognized that most wealthy individuals in the United States are somehow involved in real estate, and for the obvious reason that it can produce passive income. Nick encourages everyone to challenge themselves and get started in the business.


“What Do you Want to Tell People?”


Understanding the important aspects of life and business is one way to get to know Nick Vertucci intimately. Jason Hartman asks Nick, “What do you want to tell people?”


Nick’s response is educated and insightful:


“One of the things I am most passionate about is, whether we’re talking real estate investing or starting your own business or whatever it is, what I think I’m most passionate about in the business I’m in, even though I specialize in real estate investing, is I just want to remind the people out there that we are in the greatest country ever; regardless of the politics, regardless whatever problems we have or issues. And there is so much opportunity… I just want people to get outside of their comfort zone and have an entrepreneur spirit. And, whether it is on a part time level or full-time level or any level, just get out there and create something. Because there’s tons of wealth to be created and I just see a lot of people that want that, and they want to do that, but they just won’t get outside.”


Nick continues to explain “The strongest muscle we have is our mind.” This quote by Nick Vertucci is one that everyone could live by. As with any developing business, there will be challenges and barriers. However, if someone can overcome their fears and continue to move forward even when confronted with failure, they are providing themselves the opportunity to succeed.


If you overcome fear, you are capable of everything.”


Back to The Seven Figure Decisions


The interview winds down with a macro outline by Nick on decision making:


“Decision making is one of the single most important things, a successful person, if you are going to be successful…you have to have. Even if you make a series of bad decisions – let’s say you were going to make 10 decisions in your business or in anything to do with business, and you made 9 bad decisions and the 10th was an absolute hit, all the other 9 were worth it.”


“I still make tons of bad decisions but I’m capable of making one and I think a lot of people aren’t because of, again: life, fear, obstacles; and they won’t make them. And no decision is the worst decision you can make.”


To conclude: Make decisions. Don’t be fearful of failure, because as Nick mentioned in the interview, “Every single successful person, their pasts usually are littered with failures. But success speaks for itself. You don’t see failures, you just see the success.”

Next Steps to Success.


Known to his students and to his readers is Nick’s concept of “See it. Believe it. Map it. Execute It” – it is the path to making your goals come true. Many individuals are happy to talk about what they want to happen in their lives, but few have the courage to pursue those dreams. If you want to find success, follow Nick’s four simple steps:


  • See it. Visualize the goal and the place you want to be – see your intended results.
  • Believe it. Get it in your mind that you can accomplish said goal. Don’t let other people, or any of your fears, stop you from completing your goal.
  • Map it. Create an action plan or strategy that enables you to accomplish your goal. Write it down, and make sure that it is achievable. Don’t set out toward a goal that is impossible – like becoming a basketball star if you don’t play basketball!
  • Execute it. Bring your plan to action and execute it! Do not stop until you have completed your goal! By continuing this four-step plan, you can accomplish anything.


Nick’s Achievements Outside of Real Estate


Nick applies his strategies not only in real estate, but also in the poker world, in which he has found personal growth. Nick was first recognized in 2004 when he placed 8th in the No-Limit Texas Hold’Em Championship at Commerce Casino. Since then, he has built quite a reputation for himself, playing alongside poker professionals such as Antonio “The Magician” Esfandiari, Phil “the Poker Brat” Helmuth, “David Benyamin, Phil “the Unibomber” Lakk, and Kenny Tran, as well as celebrities including Jennifer Tilly, Ben Affleck, Don Cheadle, and James Wood. Nick has played at world renowned poker tournaments including World Poker Tournament and Poker After Dark; and in 2016 Nick took the spotlight at the World Series of Poker. Today, Nick ranks on the All Time Money List, sponsored by the Hendon Mob, and can often be found playing at Live at the Bike.

Get Connected with Nick Vertucci


Nick is the founder of NVREA and the author of Seven Figure Decision: Having the Balls to Succeed. To learn more from Nick, you can:


  • Contact NVREA. Located in Orange County, California (Santa Ana), NVREA offers students an opportunity to learn strategies, techniques, and insider tips in real estate investing – a place where students are achieving amazing results with Nick’s tried and true formulas. Additionally, reap the benefits of having Nick Vertucci as your mentor!


  • Or read Seven Figure Decision: Having the Balls to Succeed:


“You don’t strike it rich by playing it safe. It’s the seven figure decisions that lift you out of the middle class and into the millionaire’s circle.


Nick Vertucci achieved tremendous success by taking bold, calculated risks to reinvent himself after losing everything. In this essential guide and memoir, Nick outlines the six fundamental building blocks that form the foundation of his life-changing philosophy. His inspiring personal history contains valuable lessons in how to push past your fears, radically alter your mindset, and passionately pursue your goals. And he details the four key steps to devise and actualize your own winning plan: See it. Believe it. Map it. Execute it.


The higher you raise your sights, the more spectacularly you can succeed, no matter what professional path you choose to follow. Forget the small change! It’s time to go big in business and in life by making seven figure decisions.”


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