Christmas Changes Over The Years


The Christmas holiday has changed significantly over the course of the past few decades. A collection of images was recently released that depict just how much Christmas has changed for families over the years along with how decorations for homes and trees and gifts have changed. The Rockettes started their kick shows in Radio City Music Hall in 1967. When they started dancing, they wore costumes that celebrated the Christmas season. Now, they change their costumes several times during their routines and sometimes drift away from only performing Christmas shows.

Large cities like Hollywood used to decorate every street corner, displaying lights in store windows and giving people a beautiful holiday show. Mail clerks in 1954 spent hours in post offices sorting mail addressed to Santa. London’s Mount Pleasant Post Office had packages stacked to the ceiling in 1952, making it difficult to deliver mail on time but showing just how much the Christmas spirit was present. Immigrants in 1920 were captured on camera as they enjoyed the first Christmas meal that they had after arriving in the United States.

A large mailbox was set up outside a New York post officer in 1955 so that children could mail their letters to Santa and so that it would be easier for people to mail cards and packages. There was someone working inside the large box who sold stamps and materials used for shipping packages, making it easier for people to get everything they needed in one place instead of wrapping gifts at home and then making their way to the post office later. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1941 featured a deflated Santa. There was a lack of air in the large balloon that caused it to slowly deflate while on the route until the jolly man almost touched the ground.


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