The Lime Bike and Scooter Company Sees Rider Safety As A Top Priority


In more than 25 U.S. states and nearly a dozen countries, people of all ages can now be seen riding dock-free Lime bicycles and scooters. In a current Tech Crunch article, it is reported that the Lime company is planning to spend $3 million dollars on making their popular transportation alternatives safer than ever.

In a recent blog post, Toby Sun, the CEO of Lime announced that the company is working with partners worldwide to support the use of lightweight utility vehicles. As part of this effort, a special focus is being applied to the construction of new and/or safer bike lanes.

The announcement of the new safety campaign comes just a few days after Lime announced that a battery issue with certain models of their scooters caused the company to remove some of them from service.

Apparently, a manufacturing problem could cause some of Lime’s earlier Segway Ninebot models to catch on fire. Although Lime removed some scooters from service in San Diego, Lake Tahoe and Los Angeles, these vehicles represented only a tiny fraction of the total number of Lime scooters. There were also no safety issues directly related to the batteries on the Segway Ninebot scooters.

When Lime was informed of the battery issue, the company immediately teamed-up with Segway to develop a solution. A new form of software that can identify potential battery issues was developed, then an even more comprehensive type of software was created.

Lime plans to hand out 25,000 helmets to safety-minded users of their services and will be launching a media advertising campaign that promotes responsible riding.

Helping to ensure that their bicycles and scooters are in tip-top shape, Lime will continue to maintain regular diagnostic tests on its vehicles. Bicycles and scooters that do not meet Lime’s mechanical quality standards will be removed from service.


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