Body Found In Area Where Officials Have Searched For Missing Teen

lime crime's original founder, and former CEO Doe Deere
Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere

FBI officials have been searching areas of North Carolina for weeks to try to find a missing 13-year-old girl named Hania Aguilar. They have posted pictures of the teenager on social media pages and on news outlets to try to get any information about where the girl might be after she was abducted. Officials found the vehicle used in the abduction a few days after she was taken, but there has been no sign of the person who took her or the girl.

While officials were searching along a road in Lumberton, they made a gruesome discovery. A body was found, but there has been no confirmation as to whether it is Hania or not. Out of respect for the family and to let the family know of the findings, officials have alerted Hania’s parents. The body was sent to a crime lab in Raleigh shortly after it was discovered so that an autopsy could be performed and so that a proper identification could be made. Unfortunately, many people who have been following the case believe that it is the body of the missing girl.

Officials were following a few leads in the area that were related to Hania’s disappearance when the body was discovered. This is a time when officials want to be certain about the identification of the body because of the leads that they were following and because of the nature of the abduction. Hania has been missing since the beginning of November when she was taken by an unidentified person right outside her house in a mobile home park. Hania had gone outside to start her aunt’s vehicle when someone wearing a mask forced her into the vehicle. The person then drove away with Hania inside. It was this vehicle that was recovered in a wooded area only a few days later, but there were no signs of Hania inside or any kind of struggle.


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