Male 9/11 Survivor Diagnosed With Breast Cancer


It is well known that the Breast Cancer Awareness movement focuses almost solely on females afflicted with the disease, however, a small percentage of men across the US die from the disease every year. In fact, according to recent reports published by the American Cancer Society, nearly 500 American men lost their lives to breast cancer in 2017.

Nearly 45,000 American women die every year from breast cancer, which is the reason so much focus is placed on the female gender alone. Medical professionals, however, are becoming increasingly vocal over the need to educate men as much as women about the disease so that preventive measures and self-screening trends become far more prominent.

Male breast cancer recently became headline news around the world, as one of the male 9/11 survivors was recently diagnosed with the deadly disease. Jeff Flynn, the man affected with the rare form of male breast cancer, said that prior to his diagnosis he wasn’t even aware of the fact that men could contract the illness.

Mr. Flynn was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. His first symptom was that he noticed redness, swelling, and a lot of pain around his nipple area. Thinking there was no way the symptoms could be breast cancer, Mr. Flynn completely ignored the issue. Several months later his nipple inverted and his lymph nodes started to swell, which prompted him to immediately visit his doctor.

The American Cancer Society claims that 40 percent of men diagnosed with breast cancer die from the illness, largely because they ignore it and wait too long to get it properly diagnosed. Females, on the other hand, have a 90 percent survival rate, and that is strictly due to having better access to information about the disease. This contrast in survival rates greatly highlights the need for further awareness about the disease occurring in men.

Reporters that discussed the illness with Jeff Flynn asked him if his doctor suspects that his involvement with the 9/11 tragedy and all of the airborne building and chemical debris could have led to his him contracting the illness. Mr. Flynn claimed that neither he nor his doctor felt that his exposure to the 9/11 catastrophe had anything whatsoever to do with the illness. Men who contract breast cancer likely get it due to genetics, diet, and lifestyle issues. There have not been any concerning breast cancer occurrence rates for males who survived 9/11.



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