Limousine Involved in Deadly Crash Failed a Safety Inspection


A large group of close friends and family set out to celebrate a birthday when the vehicle they were riding in crashed, killing 20 people. The group, traveling in a limousine, was heading to a brewery in Cooperstown, New York when the limousine driver failed to stop at a stop sign. The limousine went through the stop sign and hit a parked vehicle with no one inside. All of the 17 limousine passengers, the driver, and two pedestrians were killed during the accident.

Now, the families of the victims are looking for answers and have hired lawyers. Since the accident, it has been determined that the limousine had failed a state safety inspection. The owner of the limousine, who was not the driver, was told by safety inspectors that the vehicle must not be driven until the issues were fixed. One of the issues was a problem with the anti-lock braking system, which family members think could have been the exact problem that caused the deadly accident.

There were also other minor issues cited on the inspection report, and the driver of the limousine did not have the proper license to operate the vehicle. The driver was only licensed to transport 15 passengers at a time, and in this instance, he was transporting 17.

There has been no information released as to whether the passengers were wearing seatbelts and what the seating arrangement in the limousine was. All of this information is still being investigated by officials.

A lawyer for the limousine company made a statement to defend the owner of the company, stating that all of the issues the vehicle was cited for were already taken care of prior to the accident.

According to ABC News, the passengers in the limousine were between the ages of 24 and 34, the two pedestrians were 46 and 70, and the limousine driver was 53 years old.


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