Experts Say That Sleep Deprivation in Children Is a Major Issue


Thousands of children and teens are not getting the proper amount of sleep. According to the “Guardian”, the number of children being admitted to the hospital for sleep problems is on the rise. Experts have stated that this is a public health crisis.

There are several factors have contributed to sleep problems in children. They believe that obesity and social media cause sleep problems in children. According to the “Guardian”, there were 6,520 children in England under the age of 16 who were admitted to the hospital for sleep problems in 2012. That number increased to 9,429 in 2017.

Rachel Taylor is a child sleep consultant who works at The Sleep Sanctuary. She stated that more children are being diagnosed with anxiety. A lack of sleep is one of the factors that has contributed to the rise in anxiety in children.

Millpond Sleep Clinic is a private sleep clinic for children that is located in London. They stated that the number of children being referred to the clinic for sleep issues has increased by 30 percent within the past few years. Mandy Gurney is the founder of the sleep clinic. She stated that this is a worrying increase.

Mandy also stated that more children are being prescribed melatonin, which is a supplement that can help improve sleep. Additionally, Mandy believes that childhood anxiety has contributed to the rise in sleep issues. Children today have anxiety from multiple sources including peer pressure, school pressure and social media pressure.

Vicky Dawson is the founder of a charity called Children’s Sleep for Charity. This is an organization that provides support for families who have children with sleep issues. She believes that technology has contributed to sleeping problems. Technology makes it harder for the body to produce sleep hormones.

Parents’ work schedule may also contribute to sleep problems. If both parents are working, then it can be harder for the child to sleep to their sleep schedule. Furthermore, Vicky believes that diet can play a role in sleep problems. Energy drinks and sugary beverages can make it harder for children to sleep.


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