Aortic Dissection


Timo Soderlund was diagnosed with aortic dissection in 2012. This inspired him to be the co-founder of Global Aortic Awareness day. The global awareness day takes place on September 19 annually. He admits that this condition has been a life changer and his aim is to create awareness of this condition worldwide. The aorta is a blood vessel located in the heart. The blood vessel transports blood rich in oxygen from the heart to other parts of the body. The walls of the aorta have three layers. These layers include the inner layer, the middle layer and the outer layer. The breaking of the inner layer causes the blood to form a cavity between the inner and outer layer that leads to the aortic dissection condition. This leads to the blood forming a new passage hence poor normal blood flow hence the aorta does not get to supply enough blood to the body parts. The aorta also starts to swell and one can die if no treatment is offered in 24 hours.

Timo opens up to medical news today of his journey with this condition. He talks of how he is coping with his condition and how he is intending to help those who have it. He explains that he was a CEO in a paint company but lost this job due to the condition. He continues to say that he could not work anymore because of memory loss after the surgery.

Not only the loss of memory affected him, but also many cognitive abilities were lost in the process of the surgery. He says that he engages in many activities to help him in recovery. He goes to a rehabilitation center and does some water gymnastics twice in week. Soderlund mentions that this condition has led many to become depressed. He advises that people with this condition should try to engage in some activities. For him, he engages in playing a guitar, which has really increased his cognitive abilities. He also makes sure that he writes in English every day and this has really helped him in improving his memory.

Timo soderlund has also been a great part of the several researches going on. He says that these researches have been of great help to him since he now understand more about his health condition. He states that the aortic awareness day is meant to raise awareness about this condition and bring together all those who are suffering from it. He insists that one of the remedies of the condition is interacting with others who are also suffering from the same.


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