New Venom International Poster Delivers Horror Hints


Venom now moves quickly into “highly anticipated upcoming film” territory. The arrival of a brilliant-looking new poster highlights one of the scarier and freakier aspects of the anti-hero: the rolled out massive tongue. Fans of the comic book character know what the tongue and accompanying teeth represent. Venom subsists on eating human brains. No, Venom isn’t your ordinary comic book character. The horrifying nature of Venom allowed the villain-turned-hero to become one of Spider-Man’s top-selling foes in the 1990’s. Now, Sony Pictures wishes to convert Venom’s comic book sales popularity into movie ticket sales popularity. All indications so far point to the Venom film becoming a monster hit.

The international poster debuted in Japan. The marketing benefits of the poster won’t be limited to any single country. After all, the images from the poster appear on the internet allowing fans all over the world to see the imagery. The marketing text accompanying the poster is written in Japanese. Although someone not familiar with the language won’t understand the words, the images get the necessary points across. Venom intends to be a horrifyingly different superhero movie experience.

Venom comes off like a monster in the poster. Sony seems to see financial benefits in veering into horror territory. The October release makes sense since the Halloween season allows the film to capitalize on audiences’ cravings for horror in the fall. The horror theme allows Venom to stand apart from Spider-Man films and other hero outings.

One reason superhero movies continue to do well and avoid fan fatigue is uniqueness. While superhero movies often contain similar elements, the various characters embody different comic book subgenres. Venom borrows heavily from horror and vigilante-style action movies. Sony’s upcoming film featuring Morbius the Living Vampire should do more of the same.

Venom may be the perfect superhero film from a timing perspective. Fans may want something distinct from the traditional hero adventures displayed in Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War. Venom has the potential to deliver a new kind of comic book movie.


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