High or Low Carb-Diet May Increase the Risk of Premature Death


A new study says that taking in too many or too few carbs can be bad for your health. The study supports the idea that everything should be done in moderation. People who get less than 40 percent or more than 70 percent of their calories from carbs are the most likely to die prematurely. People who get between 50 to 55 percent of their calories from carbs are the least likely to die prematurely.

However, it is important to note that all low-carb diets are not the same. People who get protein and fat from chicken, cheese, pork and beef are more likely to die than people who get their protein and fat from nuts, legumes and vegetables.

Dr. Sarah Seidelman is a clinical researcher who specializes in cardiovascular medicine. She is one of the authors of the study. She stated that you have to be careful about what you are putting in your body. She also warns about the potential dangers of the keto diet. People who follow the keto diet do not eat pasta, potatoes and bread.

The keto diet is great for promoting short-term weight loss. However, this diet can be harmful in the long-term. Dr. Seidelman stated that people should not follow this diet for a long period of time.

Catherine Collins is a dietician. She was not involved in the study. She stated that people will continue to defend the low-carb diet despite the fact that research suggests that it is best to follow a balanced diet.

The results of the study are from data that involved 15,0000 people who were between the ages of 45 and 64. They were asked questions about their eating habits. They were followed for 25 years. People who followed ate carbs in moderation lived four years longer than people who followed a high-carb diet. They also lived a year longer than people who followed a high-carb diet.


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