Ebola Ravages Through The Congo, Impacting Doctor And Wife


When the Congo is mentioned, many people begin to think of the diseases that are known to ravage the area of the world, especially Ebola. The World Health Organization has dreaded when the day would come that a doctor would contract Ebola, but that day has now arrived. Officials have released minimal details about the possibility that a doctor has contracted the disease after working with patients in the Congo. A recent outbreak that dates back to the first of August meant that more doctors were needed to help with sick patients and to help keep the spread of the disease under control.

There have been about 100 cases of Ebola reported in only a few short weeks. Of those cases, there have been 63 deaths. The doctor who was working with the patients lives in Oicha. His wife recently visited Beni, a city close to the area where the outbreak has occurred. After testing positive for Ebola, the doctor’s wife was admitted to a hospital. The doctor is being treated for Ebola but there has been no definitive word as to whether he actually has the disease.

Militia personnel have been surrounding Oicha to try to keep people from leaving or entering as a way to minimize the spread of the disease. There are several government officials and priests who are being held in the city and are unable to leave. Over 100 groups with military weapons have surrounded the Congo as a way to make people aware that they are serious about the spread of Ebola. The doctor tested negative initially, but since his wife has now tested positive, the hospital is currently awaiting results from a second test. There are over a dozen healthcare workers who could have Ebola. Vaccinations are currently underway for the people who were in contact with the doctor’s wife and the doctor over the past several weeks.


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