Social Media Platforms have become Addictive to Some Users.


It has been reported that social media organizations are purposely addicting their users using their products for their own financial gain. A former employee at Mozilla, Aza Raskin, reported that it’s as if social media companies are using behavioral cocaine to their users. Aza said that it seems like they sprinkle the powder on the interface. This way a user always feels like coming back and back and back again. One cannot stay for an hour without login into their social media applications. Aza added that on every gadget’s screen of the user, there are over a thousand engineers that have delivered their prowess to create that application that you love so much. They develop it in such a manner that you maximally feel addicted to the application or the social media account.

In the year 2016, Aza, who was an engineer in a leading technology company, was able to design and develop an Infinite scroll. This is a feature that is found in many applications and is mostly viewed as extremely habit-forming. The Infinite scroll permits all users to infinitely swipe down through information without having to click any content. Engineer Aza said that if a user does not give their brain time to meet up with their impulses, they will continue to scroll and scroll without realizing. Aza reported that Innovation is meant to ensure the users keep on staring at their mobile phones for more extended periods than it is necessary.

Aza confirmed that he had made the Infinite Scroll so that he could have users addicted and that he was currently feeling guilty about it. He went on to say that many developers were forced to develop addictive application features by the business replicas of the leading organizations that had employed them. Aza noted that for a company to get the amount to use in their next funding for their stocks to elevate, the amount of time that the users spend on their mobile application must increase significantly.

When the company emphasizes achieving an absolute figure of funds, engineers are forced to come up with ways that will capture the attention of the users and get them hooked to the application. A former employee who worked in the company for years also mentioned a related point to that one of Engineer Aza. Sandy Parakilas reported that social media is like using hard drugs. It’s so hard to quit or even avoid.


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