Ryan Reynolds = Wally West?


Ryan Reynolds has had success as Deadpool and crushing failure as Green Lantern, but how do you think he would have been as the Flash?

The actor brought up this question during this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, where he appeared on the panel for Deadpool 2, in which he played the title character. Though it already came out in theaters months ago (and has made a nifty $732.9 million worldwide since), the event included the first public airing of its “Super Dupet Cut,” for all of the insanity and violence that they were forced to leave on the cutting room floor.

During the Q&A session, Reynolds—who also played Hal Jordan in the not-as-successful 2011 Green Lantern flick—was asked if there were any other superheroes whom he’d have liked to play.

“I would say Wolverine, but God, I would be terrible,” he said. “Honestly, I wanted to be the Flash, the Wally West version, but I think all of those ships have sailed.”

For the record, Reynolds is friends with former Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman, and the two appeared together in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which was about as popular as Green Lantern. Also, for his part, Stefan Kapičić (who plays Colossus) said that he would like to be either the Punisher (currently appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Netflix series) or Kraven the Hunter, a Spider-Man foe.

As for Wally West, one understands why Reynolds might want him—like Deadpool, he’s a notably fun character, humorous but capable of great depth. Theoretically, Reynolds could be quite good at the part, given both his charisma and snarky wit.

Unfortunately, Warner Bros. seems remarkably hesitant to adapt Wally. Though he was the Flash in the comics for about twenty years, fans have complained about him being sidelined ever since his mentor, Barry Allen, returned to life. When he does appear (as in the Arrowverse, where he is played by Keiynan Lonsdale) he is a sidekick, not the Flash himself.

That has changed since the DC Rebirth initiative in the comics, and with hints that a Flash may die soon, he could take over the role fully from Barry again. That said, at age 41 Reynolds is probably too old to play him, so it looks like he’ll just have to stick to being Deadpool for now.


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