“Aquaman” Costumes


A small media blitz for Aquaman has begun ahead of its first trailer releasing this weekend. One topic of conversation: the costumes that will be seen in this Atlantean epic.

Aquaman has a pretty distinct look in the comics, typically wearing an orange shirt over green pants. Notably, set photos of actor Jason Momoa usually have him either in armor or shirtless, the latter of which also allows him to show off his extensive collection of Polynesian tattoos. However, he seemed to indicate in an interview with JoBlo that he would put on the classic outfit at some point.

“I haven’t even seen it yet,” he said, but acknowledged that concept art of the costume exists. “[Director] James [Wan] definitely wants to keep it just like the original, so…”

It is worth noting that, while iconic, Aquaman often forewent his orange shirt during his various “barbarian king” phases, particularly in the 1990s; given that Momoa is known for playing characters like Conan and Khal Drogo, Warner Bros. likely hired him to match that interpretation in particular.

Since principle photography has been done for a while, one imagines that he would have worn the traditional costume by now if it was meant for the film. So it’s possible that he will, indeed, just spend the movie wearing leather pants.

Speaking of which, Wan took to Twitter to defend that odd sartorial choice. He did this in reply to one fan, wondering why he would wear that impractical garment underwater.

“Because he’s Jason Foockin’ Momoa!!!” Wan replied. “You want him wearing swimming trunks?? or pantless! He’s already half naked for goodness sake. Haha.”

In other words, yeah, fashion over function. Some have also noted that Aquaman’s pants are often shiny in the comics, so leather may be one way to copy that without looking too cheesy, as latex probably would.

Moving on, Den of Geeks has an Aquaman magazine cover that gives us a look at some other characters. Most notable are the villains: Prince Orm (Patrick Wilson) is wearing a helmet that has the same sort of “finned” mask that he wears in the comic, while Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), too, seems to have armor very close to the source material. This all seems to indicate an aesthetic that tones down the comics’ silliness while still hewing close to tradition.


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