The US-North Korea Historic Moment


Following forty minutes of private talk with only translators in the room, US President Donald J. Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un finally came public. This historic moment in world’s history held at Singapore marked a future of less nuclear proliferation in the Korean peninsula. Surprisingly. Trump announced an order for the suspension of US military exercises in South Korea. This is something that many did not expect at all. This is a decision that had been already made by Washington due to the consideration of its military coalition with Seoul. Over the past three decades, Kim has been promising to denuclearize North Korea but changed his mind. This time, Kim signed a joint agreement pledging to disarm and get US concessions in return.

While the two conversed, Trump told reporters that he asked Kim for a favor. Kim in return promised to close up his nuclear missile program. In their review, however, nuclear weapons experts seem to have a contradictory theory. There is a belief the testing ground could be the Hamhung site that is believed to have succumbed during the last nuclear test. According to the experts, Hamhung is just but an insignificant part of the country’s nuclear program.

North Korea has had a long time for withdrawal of the military exercises. Trump echoed the economic advantages associated with the cancellation of their military activities in Korea. The US has been flying planes to Korea for long which he said it’s very costly and also provocative. This decision came as a surprise to many people including US associates in North Korea. Kim is dedicated to the full disarmament of the Korean peninsula. The joint statement does not explain denuclearization that is imperative for any form of agreement.

As stated by the Guardian, Pyongyang’s regime old rule is denuclearization interpreted as a flexible and steady process in which other nuclear supremacies will also neutralize. Beijing and North Korea had an agreement before which appears to be the outcome of the summit. However, Washington refuses to agree to seek a uniformity amid South Korea’s right to maintain its defenses with partners.

Analysts have expressed the possibility of future disarmament through the suspension of nuclear tests. On her side, ICAN Executive Director Beatrice Fihn, tweeted her discontent with the outcomes of the summit. She said that it seems like an act of embracing atomic weapons. A North Korean nuclear program expert Vipin Narang scathingly viewed Trump’s decision as weakness. Kim also agreed to collaborate with the US in achieving the long-term request of retrieving US soldiers killed during the Korean War. This was the first time for a seating US president to sit with the Korean leader.


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