Several Reasons that Will Make You Not to Visit the U.S


It’s time that Canadians stopped visiting and vacationing in The United States of America. However immoral and inappropriate it may sound, President Trump’s new policy to exclude residents from certain countries doesn’t sound right. Canadians to be specific, should not turn a blind eye to that kind of discrimination. It’s the highest time that Canadians don’t cross the border. Last year, statistics reported that trips from Canada to the US increased by 5%. This means that Canadians crossed the U.S border over 20 million times. Travel from the rest of the globe to the U.S decreased immensely. According to the Washington post, the trips decreased by almost 4%. Compared to the previous year, this reduction occurred in the first nine months of the year 2017 after Trump was sworn into office.

The United States has not yet retreated from its blacklisting policy. The ban is still on for everyone inclusive of Six Muslim-majority Nations. To make matters worse, Trump vowed and threatened to evacuate persons that have a temporary legal status from the United States. He also reported that he would not spare those that came to pursue the American dream.

This decision made a group of refugees to seek asylum in Canada. Last year, there were 20,000 claimants and this year, the number stands at 7,000. Back in times, there was a period where desperate women that clutched to their possession and courageously kept their children next to them, ran to the United States. Today, they are running from the country they called home. No one thought that such a day would come.

Now, the moral case behind the whole narration is that, taking a vacation in the United States is not right. If that hasn’t moved you, then there is an economic part will do. Trump is making it a hassle for the Canadians to place food on their tables, shelter on their head and to clothe themselves. Canada’s economy is doomed to grow slowly. Canadian jobs are set to be lost. Prices for various essential goods will shoot up. It will not be the end of the world. However, it will make several people suffer. Reasonable people will have a bitter taste of life.

Some know why this is happening while a good number doesn’t. The reason is that there is a man, who can as well be termed as wild and at the same time holding the highest office in the United States. Before, the office was occupied with reasonable, thoughtful and careful men that considered the welfare of their friends. Not abusing them.


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