Off-Duty Nurse And Deputy Saves Man’s Life


An off-duty deputy and nurse are credited for saving a man’s life. Deputy Alan W. Lee saw a woman giving a man CPR. The woman is a registered nurse named Amy Somwaru. They both gave the man CPR until emergency medical personnel arrived.

The man, whose name is Jason Keegan, regained a pulse and was taken to the hospital. He had a medical episode, and he believes that if Alan and Amy would have not given him CPR, then he would have died. Jason is out of the hospital and at home recovering.

Amy was on her way home when she saw someone in the vehicle beside her tapping on the window. She asked the man if everything was alright. The man said that he thought that something was wrong with the person inside of their vehicle. The nurse got out of the vehicle, and the man’s daughter opened the door.

Amy discovered that the man did not have a pulse. She did chest compressions until the deputy arrived. When Alan arrived, they both removed the man from the car and continue life-saving measures. When emergency medical services arrived, they shocked the man. His heart re-started immediately.

Amy was amazed at how quickly the man was revived. Amy’s daughters comforted Jason’s daughter. She stated that Jason’s daughter was brave.

This is the second time that a sheriff in Ocula has saved someone’s life in the past month. Deputy Jeremie Nix was one of his way home. Someone honked the horn to get his attention. There was a couple in the car who had a baby was not breathing.

The deputy performed CPR on the baby until emergency medical services arrived. The baby was taken to the hospital and was quickly treated by doctors and nurses. The deputy’s move saved the baby’s life.


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