Germany and France in talks over Immigrants


Some few weeks ago, there was a ship carrying immigrants was granted water space in Spain after the Italians denied the boat permission to dock in their harbors. It came because of a high number of immigrants who have invaded the streets of Italy. Greece backed up the move, it also complained of the high number of immigrants in the country. Due to the problems that African immigrants have faced in the recent past, the EU countries are looking for a long lasting solution. Germany and France on Sunday advocated for solutions to the migration crisis. Sixteen of the EU’s 28 leaders held an emergency Press conference in Brussels. They were to discuss the way forward and which country should give asylum to immigrants coming from the war zone countries.

Hundreds of refugees escape violence and conflict only for them to find themselves in a more compromising situation. Most of them have drowned in masses in the Mediterranean Sea for a couple of years. Italy has refused entry of any rescue ship and is persuading the other EU countries to do the same. For instance, a boat known as the Lifeline stayed afloat on Sunday with approximately 239 Africans including children and pregnant women. Malta and Italy refused to take it in.

Matteo Salvini, the Interior Minister of Italy, on Sunday told foreign charities to halt the rescue of immigrants from Libya. In fact, over 1,000 people are aboard such boats in distress and agony. He continued and nicknamed the charities as people smugglers. It caused an uproar between Mr Salvini and the German operators at Lifeline. They told him to cease calling them pounds of flesh and that they were humans. It then came to the French and German authorities to call on an emergency meeting in Brussels. Emmanuel Macron, the French President, and German Chancellor, Angela Merkel came with a resolve to move forward with like-minded leaders.

They also formulated ways on how to reduce immigrant flows and share responsibly for the immigrants who land on their ports. Merkel continued and said that there were differences, but there was still a common ground. The French President also pointed out the conflict is political as there has been a drastic drop in the immigration as from 2015. He continued to say that some anti-immigration populists were behind the obnoxious move. Italy countered the allegations and accused him of arrogance. Officials warn that this may cause an interruption in the free travel within the EU that happens to be its signature achievement.

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