Man Lives After Multiple Tornadoes Touch Down On Farm


Several tornadoes occurred in the Cope, Colorado area in just a short amount of time. While this is nothing out of the ordinary during the spring months, it was shocking to one farmer who found himself surrounded by not one but three tornadoes at one time. Aaron Brown was in his truck on his farm when he saw the sky getting darker. Not sure what to expect, Brown decided to try to finish the work that he had started that day. He is now lucky to be alive after the massive tornadoes swept across the field.

The tornadoes that were taking over the farm were approaching rather quickly. Brown didn’t have time to drive away and go back to his house to seek shelter, so he got inside his truck. As he started to try to drive to a safer location, his truck got stuck in the sand. He wasn’t able to move and hoped for the best possible outcome. There were three other people with Brown at the time, so he wasn’t alone while the tornadoes were swirling around. One of the funnels touched the ground right in front of the truck. As Brown turned around, he saw two more approaching on each side of the vehicle.

Fortunately, there was a river bank close to where the men were standing that they were able to run to for cover. Brown and the men were afraid because of the number of tornadoes and because they had no real shelter except for the river bank. All of the men were able to leave the area with no injuries. Several homes were damaged in the outbreak of storms. Initial reports reveal that there were 14 tornadoes reported within a two-hour time period. However, these storms will be reviewed in case there were multiple reports of the same tornado.


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