Dr. Dov Rand Employs Progressive Medical Treatments


Though the art of healing may be as old as humanity itself, medical practitioners are constantly striving to increase their knowledge base and find new and improved methods for treating their patients. Stemming from this drive, many medical professionals of late have sought progressive treatment protocols that diverge from some of the traditional methods used throughout modern medicine. In this pursuit, many are finding that they have an opportunity to learn from a decades-old specialty of the medical field known as physical medicine and rehabilitation. As professionals increasingly seek to learn of the methods this field teaches, many have turned to one practitioner who has already spent plenty of time and effort in that pursuit, Dr. Dov Rand.


Personal History


Rand, a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, trained for his profession at the prestigious Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. He has since opened his own practice called The Healthy Aging Medical Centers. At his centers, he treats patients for a variety of disorders but maintains an overall focus on medical practices that help to promote optimum healthy aging. His method of operation is known as a “high-touch” programmatic delivery model that uses integrative approaches to treat various body systems collectively as part of a holistic approach to health.


Rand uses treatments that stem from peer-reviewed research studies so that he can ensure that his practice deals only in scientific fact. In keeping with his drive toward using the latest fact-based medical treatments, he is also trained in medical acupuncture and administers intravenous vitamin supplements via his centers. He also believes in accompanying medical treatments with a focus on lifestyle optimization and promotes healthy living in conjunction with medical attention. These recommendations center on strength and cardiovascular training, nutritional food choices, practicing yoga, and nutritional supplementation.


The Field at Large


To understand Dov’s specific methods one must first take some time to examine physical medicine and rehabilitation as it is practiced today. The specialty was officially established in 1947 and has traditionally focused on treatment options intended to provide improvements in functionality and quality of life rather than a single-minded pursuit of a “cure” for a complex ailment. In these efforts, practitioners of the field often treat physical ailments and disabilities related to the neurological, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and rheumatological systems. Since these systems vary widely throughout the body, practitioners are often trained extensively in numerous branches of medicine and work collaboratively with others in the medical field.


Practitioners of physical medicine and rehabilitation are found in both inpatient and outpatient settings, though their methods vary somewhat depending on the context in which they operate. Inpatient professionals tend to treat more traumatic injuries such as spinal cord trauma, brain injury, and burn care. They will often perform treatments in conjunction with other medical professionals in their facility of operation. Alternatively, outpatient professionals more typically deal with chronic or low-level acute maladies that often do not require surgical intervention. Examples of these types of afflictions include pressure sore management, overuse symptoms, and chronic pain (http://alivenewspaper.com/2018/03/dr-johanan-rand/).


Teaching Others


Though he works extensively with patients and is known as an enthusiastic participant in all aspects of his medical practice, Dr. Dov Rand is also well known for his role as an expert teacher in the larger medical community. He engages in many efforts to disseminate knowledge of his methods and the broader scope of physical medicine and rehabilitation. To this end, he is currently writing a book entitled “It’s not too late to live past 100,” a treatise on anti-aging medical treatments. He is also recognized as an expert in the field of bio-identical hormones.


In his efforts to pass on his knowledge in the above subjects, Dov annually presents at numerous conferences throughout the country. In exemplification of his credentials within the community of anti-aging medicine, he is a member of the Age Management Group and is a fellow of the A4M society. He also continuously works at improving his own understanding of the above subjects by traveling to conferences as an attendee and completing additional formal courses on the topic of medically optimized aging.


Field Specialties


Rand’s work at his medical practice is indicative of the multidisciplinary approach that is employed by many in his field. As the field often deals with issues of physical movement or disability, many have pursued similar levels of expertise in the fight against highly disruptive afflictions such as fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s disease, and cerebral palsy. By working with patients to restore functionality and independence, practitioners are able to advance toward a goal of sweeping improvements to quality of life coupled with disease management.


Methodologies also include treatments that collaborate with others in the field of physical rehabilitation such as physical and occupational therapists. In support of these methods, diagnostic testing is often employed and in extreme cases, surgical intervention is recommended, though practitioners seek to avoid invasive treatments whenever possible. While employing these treatment options, practitioners in the field have been able to achieve extremely effective results and their methodologies have been effective in helping to combat severe public safety concerns such as the polio epidemic throughout much of the twentieth century.

As the methodologies of the practitioners of physical medicine and rehabilitation become increasingly known throughout the medical community, more and more professionals are seeking to implement their treatment options into their own practices. With encouraging, science-based results being uncovered at an increasing pace, it is clear that the storied practice is here to stay. Through the educational efforts of proponents of the field, such as Dr. Dov Rand, even patients are starting to take notice of the results it can achieve. In a time in human history marked by unprecedented access to information in the world of medicine, it is clear that quality practices are finding their way to the top. With the above overview serving as a jumping-off point, anyone seeking whole-body healing would do well to explore the benefits that physical medicine and rehabilitation has to offer.


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