Deadly Cougar Attack in Washington State


Residents in the state of Washington were once again reminded of the power of Mother Nature following a deadly cougar attack on Saturday afternoon.

The attack happened just outside North Bend, a rural suburb of Seattle in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Two men were out for a bike ride in a forested area when they noticed they were being stalked by a cougar. The surviving man said that the cougar suddenly charged at them and so he used his mountain bike to hit the cougar in the head. This move appeared to have worked initially as the cougar retreated back into the woods. However, the animal suddenly reappeared and attacked the man who went on to survive. The survivor said that his head was completely inside the animal’s mouth and being shaken from side to side.

The other man ran to get help, and as he ran off the cougar released the first victim from its grasp and lunged at the runner. As he scrambled to get away and summon help, he looked back to see his friend being dragged into the woods by the cougar. He rode for two miles on his bike before he was able to get within cell phone range and call 911. Unfortunately, his efforts were too late and when the authorities arrived, they found the cougar standing over the body of the victim.

Officials fired shots a the cougar, but the animal was able to get away. Fish and Wildlife authorities arrived and the scene and were able to find the cougar and euthanize it. A necropsy procedure will be done on the cougar to determine if there any diseases or anything else that may have led to the attack.

The deceased victim was identified as S.J. Brooks, 32. 31-year-old Isaac Sederbaum is the survivor. Sederbaum underwent surgery on Sunday and remains hospitalized at Harborview Medical Center with bite marks to his head, face, and legs.

Although the incident is a jarring reminder of the power of wildlife, authorities point to the fact that this was only the second deadly cougar attack in the state in the last 100 years. Wildlife experts remind outdoor enthusiasts that the proper protocol if encountered by a cougar in the wild is to not run and instead to make yourself bigger than you are, make a lot of noise, and remain calm.


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