Cases of Unsafe Drinking Water in the US Already in 2018


There are already cases of unsafe drinking water in the US in 2018. Companies like Waiakea water may be able to offer a temporary solution.

Most people believe that unless you are living in a third world country or some similar region, drinking tap water is perfectly safe for you. And they would be correct, for the most part. But in only the first few months of 2018, there have been several alarming cases of contaminated drinking water around the United States. Do we all need to run out and buy water testing kits for our tap? Below are just a few reports of unsafe drinking water in California alone. They have invested immensely in solar energy, but they are forgetting the importance of drinking water.


with the water issues in California and other states, companies like Waiakea water may provide a temporary solution as moves are made to address the concerns

There are so many places across California that have drinking water that is questionable at best. The most populated state by far in the United States has its problems with contaminated drinking water. Their new state slogan should be, “California: Come for the weather, but don’t drink the water.”

The Central Valley of California has hundreds of wells that have been contaminated by a chemical that is one of the strongest cancer agents across the globe. These wells provide drinking water to over a million people. It is concerning that many people believe the chemical came from things that farmers use on their crops and land.

California is ranked sixth place for the world’s largest economy. With such good fortune financially, you would believe they would be able to fix the mess they are in. How can a state doing so well not have access to clean and usable water? In third world countries, they at least have the excuse that they just don’t have the money. In California, they have the money, but they might have to budget differently to supply it. The government there has talked about raising taxes and taking the money to fix all of the problem areas. Taxes are too high already in the United States. Didn’t we split from the British already because of this?

Remember years ago when Flint, Michigan was making the news for their tainted drinking water. Almost a 100,000 people were drinking water for two years that was packed with lead. How can these things still be happening? If California does not clean up their act, they will make what happened in Flint seem minor. All the way from the Mexican border to the north of the state is being affected in spots with contaminated water. This is nearly 1,000 miles of a stretch there. And it hasn’t happened overnight. They sometimes have to suffer through severe droughts in California, so it would make sense that they would protect their water even more because of it. It is two steps forward and one step back.

California does have a solution up their sleeve to take care of the problems of the drought and bad drinking water. They plan on using recycled water. In fact, it is already California’s single biggest source of new water supplies. For those in the industry, they like to refer to the water as potable reuse. Doesn’t sound so bad, does it? But potable reuse basically means that it is recycled wastewater.

The Orange County Water District in Southern California is taking water from gutters, sidewalks, streets, showers, and sinks and making it drinkable. They treat the water and put it through a three step process to purify it. By the time they are done, is is essentially distilled water. They create enough water for close to 850,000 people a year. While more communities are looking into doing the same, there are people that are not too excited about using water that they refer to as, “toilet to tap”. It is quite catchy, but it probably is not the best marketing slogan.

May be Time to Buy Bottled Water

May be Time to Buy Bottled Water Like Waiakea Water

Bottled water has never been more popular than it is right now. There are too many brands to count across the globe right now. But not all bottled water is created equal. In fact, many brands straight out lie about where the water originates from. It may be hard to believe, but some bottled water is admittedly just water from the tap ran through a filter. It doesn’t seem right that you are paying an average of a thousand times more for bottled water than if you just drank it from the tap, but when worried about safety and health issues, it may be worth it.

With so many companies fibbing about their bottled water, there is one that stands above the rest and does things to help the environment at the same time. Waiakea Water officially started in 2012 as the brainchild of Ryan Emmons. The year before, the college student was at his uncle’s in Hawaii when he drank the best tasting water he had ever had. The kicker was that it came from his uncle’s well. Emmons thought people would agree with him, too. He put his money where his mouth was and started his own bottled water company.

Waiakea’s water begins as melted snow or rain at the top of a volcano. The water slowly cascades down the volcano and through the volcanic rock. The rock acts as nature’s filter and actually leaves the water much better off because of it. It is packed with essential minerals and electrolytes. It even has a bit of a slight sweet taste to it. Since 2012, it has been growing every single year.

Waiakea also gives back to the world as well. For every one liter of water they sell, they give 650 liters to regions that need clean water. Emmons didn’t want to start just a business, he wanted to leave the world in better shape because of it. If you are unsure about your drinking water, trusting in a brand like Waiakea could be a great thing for you and your family.

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