The Compelling Story of How Neurologist Jorge Moll Found His Career Path

Dr. Jorge Moll's Fascinating Career

Dr. Jorge Moll was recently interviewed and asked to talk more about his accomplishments as a respected medical professional in Brazil. His key piece of advice to top off the interview was to implement or discard any ideas quickly instead of waiting to attempt them. When people wait too long to act on ideas, they may be inadvertently depriving others of something that could help them. Also, another person may develop the idea, and the person who ignored the initial thought may miss out on a good entrepreneurial opportunity.


Dr. Moll On IDOR

Dr. Moll developed IDOR, which is a distinguished medical research institute. When asked where the idea came from, he said that he had a vision to promote healthcare innovation, education and world-class research in his country. His vision became a passion, and acting on the idea, eventually led him to where he is today.


In response to being asked what a typical work day includes for him to be as productive as possible, Dr. Moll said that meetings are an integral part of productivity. He explained that he regularly meets with many different people, and his meeting topics also vary depending on the research or ideas being discussed. Dr. Moll meets with students, distinguished researchers, business associates, staff members, entrepreneurs, scientists and representatives from many types of organizations. While he is in meetings, he said that free expression of ideas is important, and he promotes collaboration as well.


Jorge Moll was asked how he brings ideas to life. He replied by saying that proposed ideas are plentiful. However, the common dilemma associated with them is identifying the best candidates for success. This requires discussions with others, and many ideas are dropped in the process. Some are saved for later or need further development. When the ones that are ready to be developed are selected as ideal options, the next step for Dr. Moll and his team is to form an action plan. When they have a plan to work from, they can collaborate to increase the chances of the idea succeeding.


Jorge Moll On Personal Inspiration

In response to being asked what excites him, Dr. Moll said that cognitive systems and artificial intelligence are especially intriguing to him. He said that he is excited to see how human brains and machines will work together soon to improve healthcare and other industries. In the medical field, he also said that gene therapy and regenerative medicine are exciting topics (


When asked what habit makes him more productive, Dr. Moll responded with three habits. His nimbleness, transparency, and openness help him to develop as an entrepreneur. Dr. Moll was asked what advice he would give to himself when he was younger if he could. He repeated his takeaway advice from the interview, which was to implement or discard ideas quickly rather than sitting on them.


Since many entrepreneurs hold one or more ideas that may be unpopular with most people, the interviewer asked Jorge Moll if he held any unpopular ideas or theories. Dr. Moll said that innovative science is often stifled by career and publication pathways in various industries. Also, he said that this is true in higher education. He believes that using new models to combat larger challenges will help. Dr. Moll said that this would make it easier to accomplish bigger high-risk projects.


When asked what habits he recommends forming to be an entrepreneur, Dr. Moll suggested that people question their models for ideas rather than doing the same thing over and over. He said that believing in his ability to change his own reality and being able to accomplish tasks that improve life for others are the thoughts behind his powerful strategies for business growth. Since every entrepreneur has one or more failures, Dr. Moll was asked to give an example of one failure and how he handled it. He said that running a not-for-profit research institute led him to fall short of some projected results. His ideas often took longer than anticipated, and he had to be patient. However, he said that there is no universal recipe for success. To overcome hurdles, he repurposes ideas and strategies.


Dr. Moll was asked if he would be willing to give away a business idea, and he suggested developing a program or service that meets the simple needs of people entering a hospital. A program or system that would welcome people in a consumer-friendly manner would likely be a success. In response to being asked what the best $100 he spent was and why, Jorge Moll said that some domains for an idea he was developing were good investments. For his kids, toys and Netflix were worth the investment to make them happy.


In response to questions about his favorite software programs, Dr. Moll said that he finds Evernote and Trello useful. To conclude the interview, he emphasized that the world needs to improve its models for scientific applications. Also, it needs to embrace disruptive science. For social impact, he said that true commitment and persistence are essential.


Who Is Dr. Jorge Moll?

Dr. Moll attended the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He earned his medical degree in 1994. He finished his residency there in 1998, and his focus was neurology. After finishing his residency, Dr. Moll went on to earn a doctoral degree in experimental pathophysiology in 2004. Today, he is the president of D’Or Institute of Research and Education, which is commonly referred to as IDOR. It is in Rio de Janeiro. He is also a board member and a senior researcher at IDOR.


In 2015, Dr. Jorge Moll was given the Visiting Scholar Award from Stanford University. He was elected by the International Neuroethics Society as a board member in 2012, and he was elected by the Brazilian Academy of Sciences as an affiliate member in 2008. From 2004 through 2007, he earned the Research Fellow accolade from the National Institutes of Health.


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