5 Reasons to Have Your Austin Wedding at a Avery Ranch Golf Club

Avery Ranch Golf Wedding Venue
Avery Ranch Golf Wedding Venue

When it comes to wedding planning there can be a lot of things to do. Make your wedding planning easier when searching golf course wedding venues near me by making Avery Ranch Golf Club the location of your upcoming wedding. The amazing beauty and unprecedented atmosphere of Avery Ranch Golf Club will impress all of your guests and provide the perfect backdrop to your big day. Check out these 5 reasons to have your Austin wedding at a golf course:

Picture Perfect Setting

Golf courses are staffed with many groundskeepers and maintenance personnel that attend to every square inch of the property. Keeping a professional and well-manicured lawn is a high priority for every golf course. You can be guaranteed that the lawn, landscape, and natural areas of your wedding will be in pristine condition due to the regular upkeep that golf course receives.

Quiet Location

Golf courses are usually situated near larger cities but are on the outskirts of a major area due to the large amount of space that is required. Avery Ranch Golf Club is located just north of Austin and provides easy access for guests without having to worry about adequate parking availability. Also, golf courses are the perfect location for weddings because they are far enough for noisy neighbors and also encourage a quiet atmosphere that is both perfect for golf and wedding ceremonies.

All in One Availability

Golf courses not only provide amazing venues and beautiful green space but also have a high standard when it comes to all of the extras including tables, chairs, linens, and décor. Avery Ranch Golf Club weddings have access to a full service professional catering staff that will bring your reception to life with delicious dishes that are catered to your preferences. When you have your wedding and reception in one area it allows the guests to enjoy their time and gives you the opportunity to relax as the professional and friendly staff at Avery Ranch takes care of all of the details.

Great In Case Of Rain

When the perfect outside location for your wedding is soaking wet, the Lakeview Event Center at Avery Ranch Golf Club is available for weddings just in case a storm comes through on your big day. Having this contingency plan in place cuts down on stress during the week of the wedding. This 4,000 square foot facility boasts beautiful event space that is sure to keep everyone happy.

Break Out The Games

Having your wedding at Avery Ranch Golf Club allows you to offer golf to both bridal parties as well as out of town guests. Add golf packages to your wedding weekend in order to get the most out of your time spent with friends and family. During the reception, encourage guests to participate in classic lawn games like crochet, corn hole and bocce ball. Incorporating lawn games into your wedding reception will help entertain guests and provide some good old fashioned fun for all.

Choosing Avery Ranch Golf Club for your wedding location is a great way to ensure that your wedding surroundings will be beautiful and that you’ll have an easily accessible and quiet location for the picture perfect wedding. The availability of golf courses to meet the needs of both venue and reception locations, as well as food and drink capabilities makes booking Avery Ranch Golf Club an easy decision. Contact Avery Ranch Golf Club today for pricing and availability options for your perfect wedding day.


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