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Fabian Nicieza, who created the New Warriors for Marvel Comics, took some time to discuss the upcoming TV series, describing it as a “docu-comedy.”

“The TV thing is not the original comics thing; it is its own entity, and my desire is for it to be as good as it can possibly be for what it is,” he explained. “And what it is is a half-hour dramedy, comedy docu-comedy show about a young group of 20-somethings living in a house, pretending to be superheroes.”

This recalls the third volume of the comic, where the titular team starred in a reality show. At least on the page, this did not end well—a blunder against the villain Nitro led to the deaths of hundreds of children, the beginning of the first superhero Civil War, and, worst of all, that ridiculous phase where Speedball changed his name to “Penance” and wore an iron maiden for a costume.

That version was not written by Nicieza, and, while boasting that his take on the team was the longest-running, said that he enjoys all of their iterations. He did note, however, the difficulty in getting just the right tone for these youngsters trying to improve the world.

“There has to be an element of anger and passion to that, which infused the original series. There also has to be an element of positive aspiration to it, too,” he added, because otherwise, the characters would not be heroes. He expressed hope that the TV series would manage to balance those feelings, calling it the core of the franchise.

The concept of the New Warriors began in Thor issues #411-412, by writer/editor Tom DeFalco. Each original member was a young superhero who was not a kid sidekick (Marvel actually has relatively few of those), and with the exception of one, Night Thrasher, had been previously created by other writers.

Characters in the show will include silly leader Squirrel Girl (played by Milana Vayntrub), who can talk to squirrels and somehow defeat anyone; cocky Mister Immortal (Derek Theler), whose inability to die colors his personality; Youtube celebrity Night Thrasher (Jeremy Tardy), a rich orphan with no superpowers; impulsive Speedball (Calum Worthy), who literally bounces off the walls; shy Microbe (Matthew Moy), who can talk to germs; and Debrii, a lesbian psychic with a dark past due to other superheroes.

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