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Dr. Johanan Rand Finds Treatment for Aging Issues

Johanan Rand provides critical medical services to people suffering from age-related disorders and the associated symptoms. He has experience working in the field of hormone therapy, and he brings insights and expertise into his new position as the president and founder of the Health Aging Medical Center. This institution allows patients to gain access to the most innovative treatments available for aging, erectile dysfunction, menopause and traumatic brain injury. These patients often suffer from a variety of symptoms that can become debilitating if left untreated. Additionally, many patients remain unaware of the newest treatment protocols. This includes hormone therapy, but it also includes a comprehensive program of complete support. For example, hormone therapy works best when it is combined with nutritional supplements and exercise. Dr. Rand understands the psychological and emotional obstacles that often prevent people who are aging from making healthy decisions about diet and exercise.


Individualized Anti-Aging Therapies, Johanan Rand


Integrative medicine is a central aspect of Johanan Rand’s anti-aging therapies. The concepts are grounded in the idea that working with the natural immune system of the body produces the best results. This requires accurate information about the patient’s condition. Testing is thorough at the clinic, and the patients are always given a complete explanation of the process. The testing is an important part of the process because the treatment plan will be designed according to this information. It includes a complete physical exam, tests for genetic markers, blood work and an interview on the patient’s diet and exercise preferences. Hormone therapies are effective at returning the natural levels of essential hormones to the body, and this can reduce many symptoms of aging. However, the hormone therapy should be supported by a diet that includes nutritional supplements and healthy food. The diet plays a critical role in any inflammatory condition, so Dr. Rand seeks to help people make the dietary adjustments that will reduce the inflammation that can contribute to the intensity of secondary symptoms.


Erectile Dysfunction, Related Symptoms


Erectile dysfunction is a common problem for men who are aging. However, it is not unusual for additional symptoms to be present as well, and this can include a wide range of problems. For example, erectile dysfunction patients may also suffer from fatigue, stress, anxiety, insomnia, weight gain and other issues. To create a healthy lifestyle, all of the underlying problems should be treated at the source. This includes the supportive therapies that make it possible to maintain the benefits of any treatments offered at the clinic. Nutrition, exercise, and diet all play a critical role in the immune system, and they should all be treated as a part of a healthy lifestyle. However, weight gain and eating habits are difficult for erectile dysfunction patients to reverse. Many people come to rely on food as a source of comfort, and the emotional attachments can be deep. Retraining dietary habits may require support from a knowledgeable staff of professionals, and this is the reason why the clinic is effective at promoting healthy lifestyles that last. Once the hormonal levels return to their optimal levels, Johanan Rand works with each individual to ensure that the changes will be integrated into the daily life of the patient.


Johanan Rand’s Physical Therapy Support Programs


Supporting the hormone and dietary changes is critical for long-term success. Johanan Rand understands how the circulation of blood can augment the healing process. Once the hormone levels return to the levels they were at earlier in life, the dietary changes will have a greater impact than it would if it was done in isolation from these other treatments. Physical therapy also plays a critical role in augmenting the effects of the dietary and hormonal changes. Specific types of exercise can build muscle tissue in key areas of the body. For the aging adult, this is extremely important when designing a program for reducing fatigue and increasing the energy of the body as a whole. Johanan is acutely aware of the importance of postural alignment and how this can affect the energy levels of the patient. In addition, physical therapy exercise improves the flexibility and strength of specific muscle groups, which could be working too hard just to maintain a resting posture. The physical therapy program includes an analysis of these muscle patterns in motion and while sitting. Exercises are highly customized in order to correct the specific holding patterns and movement habits that might be contributing to fatigue and stress.


Johanan Rand’s Total Approach to Health


The total wellness program treats every aspect of the patient, and this is why the success is long-lasting. Aging can be confusing for people who were accustomed to living a healthy life. The changes in the body often come unexpectedly, and the emotional impacts of this often cause detrimental effects on the overall health of the person. Symptoms often clear up once the underlying factors that are contributing to the severity of the case ( This is why the total approach developed by Dr. Rand is so effective in treating conditions that used to be almost impossible to handle. Innovations in hormone therapies are effective in isolation, but the results can be stunning when they are combined with additional support treatments that create the internal conditions for health. Patients often remark that the results have transformed their lives. This is especially the case for parents and grandparents who used to never have the energy necessary to raise children. Staying active is difficult when you are struggling with fatigue, depression, low libido, insomnia and other effects of aging. Dr. Rand’s total approach to health provides patients with the information, therapeutic resources and support programs necessary to transform their lives.


Bioidentical Hormone Specialist


Johanan Rand founded the Healthy Aging Medical Center in order to treat people who are suffering from conditions that could benefit from innovative treatments. Patients can visit the facility. Dr. Rand maintains his professional certification and license to practice in this state. He also brings a range of experiences and knowledge from his work as a resident of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He is affiliated with the Children’s Medical Center in Pompton Plains, and he obtained his advanced degree from the Howard University College of Medicine.

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