AvaTrade Review: Is It the Right Trading Platform For You?

AvaTrade Review
AvaTrade Review

In this AvaTrade Review, we are going to discuss about what you can expect from this trading platform to help you determine if it’s really ideal for you or not.

AvaTrade is one of the few trading platforms that offers several platforms for both automated and social copy trading. Aside from that, it also offers other services, such as forex options, cryptocurrency trading, and many more.

AvaTrade was founded in 2006 in Dublin, Ireland. Initially, they offer trading services worldwide, where there are satellite offices in more than 150 countries. They are known as a Forex broker licensed in the EU and BVI, who’s fully committed in offering a safe and hassle-free trading environment. They also have additional regulation in Australia, Japan, and South Africa. For that reason, it’s quite easy to find an AvaTrade review in different languages, and from different countries, as a number of users have already tried this trading platform before.

Unique Features and Services AvaTrade Offers
Perhaps, the most notable feature of AvaTrade is that it’s a one-of-a-kind trading package that comes together with a trading software. To support that, hundreds of Forex trading APIS, as well as advanced strategies that are being sold in the market are being offered by AvaTrade for free for the simple cost of trading forex. Basically, investors are only required to pay the spreads for trading with no added cost for both the advanced and professional auto-trading tools that are supplied with the bundle.

This package includes Zulu Trade System, that allows algorithmic trading in its lates version, together with an advanced array of different APIs that allow that users to create their own Forex automation solution from scratch. This is definitely one of the most notable benefits that you can only get from this, as this AvaTrade review was being created.

For more information on features and services provided by AvaTrade, read this recent review by Investopedia: https://www.investopedia.com/broker/avatrade-review/

Account Types
Beginners wouldn’t have a hard time trying to understand this trading platform because a practice full featured demo is readily available for beginners. Likewise, unlike other trading platforms, AvaTrade is divided into four categories based on operating features. A minimum deposit of $100 is all you need to start using this platform.

Silver: This is the lowest category option that has several features. With a silver account, you’ll gain access to webinars, online courses, live market news, senior account analyst, mobile trading, and you’ll also get an Ava Debit card. It’s also worth noting that it takes around 5 business days for your withdrawal to process, and the minimum operating deposit is set to $100.

Gold: This is the average category where you can enjoy the features of a silver account, together with additional features, such as market analysis by trading central and daily signals. The minimum deposit for this category is $1000, and that’s the reason most traders opt for this. It also takes around 4 business days for withdrawals to be processed.

Platinum: The most advanced category that features the benefits you can enjoy from gold and silver, an access to a dealing room, and an operating deposit of $10,000. Similar to gold and silver, withdrawals take 5 business days.

Different Platforms to Choose From
Just like what has been mentioned earlier, AvaTrade aims to provide their services to every type of trader. That’s why they make it a point to offer different platforms for both automated and manual use. Each platform is capable of accessing more than 250 trading instruments, indicators, different analytical tools, and the most recent charts.

Single Click Trading
With AvaTrade, it’s possible to perform single-click trading due to its powerful platform that allows the user to view all assets from a single screen. Additionally, it can also be customized, and it offers live-analysis, live feeds, and advanced charting.

Meta Trader 4
This is considered as the widely sought-after trading platform due to its power and flexibility to meet the needs of traders no matter what their experience level is. The platform assists the users in different trading environment.

There are also other auto-trading platforms, such as Zulutrade, and Mirror Trader that are now the most popular auto-trading interfaces in the market. With the help of an auto-trading software, you’ll be able to duplicate trades of skilled online traders at any given time, even if you’re away from your device.

RoboX Trading Tool
This is an advanced-level trading tool where you can come up with a trading strategy of your choice as there are more than a million of strategies available in RoboX.

Mobile Trading Platforms
This can be accessed through iOs and Android Devices.

With the use of AvaOptions, you’ll be able to trade major spot options, such as silver and gold.

Support Offered to Beginners
Beginners are usually intimidated when we talk about Forex trading, and that’s why AvaTrade promises to assist them along the way. Aside from the wide range of options being offered by AvaTrade, they also provide comprehensive support especially to beginners. The simple and user-friendly interface, together with their highly-skilled staff will give you the confidence that you’ll get the help you need, right when you need it.

Safety Guaranteed
As subsidiary of a holding company with more than $17 billion in market capitalization, noted by this AvaTrade review, there is is clear indication that AvaTrade is definitely reliable. It’s quite uncommon in the Forex world and being registered while being able to meet the highest industry standard set by governing bodies, you’ll feel at ease knowing that your credentials and investments are fully secured.

How Deposits and Withdrawals Work
With AvaTrade, users are required to make a minimum deposit of 100 with a maximum leverage of 400:1. Users ought to know that the higher the leverage, the greater risk there’s going to be. Aside from being able to perform initial deposits through credit cards, you can also opt for wire transfers, PayPal, Moneybookers, NeTeller, and WebMoney. Through the use of Ava Debit Card, you can withdraw funds without worrying about delays often caused by paperwork processing that usually takes more than 5 days.

Final Words
As you can see in this AvaTrade review, it clearly shows that it’s probably one of the best trading platforms to date. It provides several platforms that traders can choose from including spot Forex available in 59 currency pairs, and 37 currency pairs for forex options trading. Lastly, it’s a trading platform perfect for beginners and skilled traders alike. New traders can get the experience and knowledge they need. AvaTrade has, while the seasoned traders can enjoy the flexibility and catalog of trading tools available.

For more information and to get started trading today, visit: http://www.avatrade.com/


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