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Glen Wakeman has never stood still for long in his professional life. He has managed to hold high-level positions in a long list of prestigious companies and always found a way to push his businesses to the next level. This was true no matter how long Glen Wakeman stayed with a particular company or industry. What made Glen Wakeman stand out from the long line of CEOs and executive board members who came before him in all of these top companies was that he had the broader perspective to find opportunities for the company to take off in the right direction as well as the drive to do whatever it took to make that happen.


A small snapshot of Glen Wakeman’s professional life includes more than two decades of experiencing holding leadership roles at, a stint as a financial services executive, several successful company launches and many lucrative investments in promising small businesses. The major advantage for Glen Wakeman in accumulating such a broad range of different experiences is that he can now identify major trends in different industries. This has served him extremely well in his work as a mentor to many young entrepreneurs looking to replicate Glen Wakeman’s incredible run (Twitter). There are many business leaders who look to Glen Wakeman as a constant source of inspiration and practical knowledge about what it really takes to be successful in business and beyond.


Glen Wakeman decided to capitalize on his gift for assisting businesses in their strategic decisions and recently started his own company to share his knowledge with new companies. His business is called LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. It offers a customizable tool kit to fledgling businesses that want to be proactive about taking the extra steps to ensure their success at a very early point in their launches. Glen Wakeman is also adept at working with entrepreneurs before the launch of a new enterprise to make sure that they have covered all of their bases before committing all of their financial resources to a set plan.


Glen Wakeman and the experienced team of business consultants at LaunchPad Holdings know better than most how difficult it is to make the leap into a new business and invest wisely in its success. Through years of trial and error, Glen Wakeman has perfected the system of managing capital properly and setting realistic expectations for businesses so that their growth and performance are accurately tracked and constantly improving. The benefit for companies working with Glen Wakeman through LaunchPad Holdings is that they can bypass the years of recalibrating plans and start with an expertly tailored strategy for success.

If it seems like a natural fit that Glen Wakeman would start a company like LaunchPad Holdings, that is probably because the idea came to him organically. He says that he had learned about many great ideas for new businesses for years and was always curious about why they never came to be. He realized that financial constraints at the outset of launching a business are particularly crippling for new entrepreneurs. That is why he spends so much time coaching new business owners about the importance of long-term cash flow and how they can budget effectively to make that happen. Given that Glen Wakeman had achieved widespread recognition in the financial services industry before founding LaunchPad Holdings, he has all the requisite knowledge to effectively advise clients about their financial situations.


One of the reasons that Glen Wakeman’s program resonates with so many new business owners is that it is heavily focused on collecting and analyzing data. Glen Wakeman does not believe that business decisions should be made in the abstract and tries to equip business owners with ways to track their progress on all key metrics. According to Glen Wakeman, this empowers business owners to make decisions that are in the best interest of the future of the company. It can be tempting for business to go with your emotions before you have a full picture of the financial implications of a decision. Glen Wakeman works hard to steer his clients away from this tendency so that they are accountable and knowledgeable about all of the major decisions they are making about their companies. This also engenders more trust and confidence in the leadership of employees.


In looking back on his incredible journey, Glen Wakeman says that the one thing he would do differently would be to devise a system to maintain personal records about all of the significant contacts he ever came across. This would include friends, acquaintances and business connections. His message for new entrepreneurs is that the ability to connect and stay in touch with influential investors can make or break a new company. Finding the right investors is a constant struggle for new businesses, and having a common thread between you and your funding target can be just what you need to set the deal in motion. Even though this process is much easier these days with social media, Glen Wakeman says that it is still a common failure among new entrepreneurs that they do not take this process seriously enough. Although it is vital to spend time fully developing your idea and business model, it can be dead on arrival without a healthy infusion of capital to get it off the ground.


Glen Wakeman also suggests that new entrepreneurs seek out associations of other like-minded business owners to join. He says that there is no shortage of these opportunities in cities all over the country. Having to explain your idea to others in a similar situation will allow you to test out how sound your basic premises are. You can also learn a lot from the past and current struggles of your peer group. Glen Wakeman is a strong supporter of learning from others’ past experiences and thinks that there is no substitute for human interaction in making a leap into the business world.

Given the competitive nature of today’s economy, it should come as no surprise that Glen Wakeman is constantly seeking out ways to stay one step ahead of the crowd. He is an avid reader and says that his favorite book is The Art of War by Sun Tzu because it contains valuable lessons about business and life in general. He recommends this book as required reading to all of his mentees because the basic principles of the book are timeless and applicable to all different industries. Glen Wakeman always makes time to devour a new book because he thinks it helps him stay alert and connected to humanity beyond just his inner circle.

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