Popular Sitcom ‘Community’ Is Coming to Netflix


There have been some very big changes lately on streaming giant Netflix. The company has already lost “Friends” at the beginning of this year. They will also lose “The Office” next year. Therefore, Netflix knew that they needed to go to work quickly in order to replenish the supply of comedy shows that they offer. They are clearly in the process of doing that as we speak. They have officially announced that “Community” will be joining Netflix on the first of April. This is a big coup for the streamer as they desperately needed a title that would satisfy fans of “The Office” after it leaves next year. Netflix will also be getting “Seinfeld” next year.

The streaming wars have definitely taken their toll on the Netflix catalog. There is certainly no question about that. Many of their best shows and movies are no longer available because the companies that owned their rights would not allow Netflix to renew them. Instead, these companies are going to be starting their own streaming services to compete with Netflix. Companies like Comcast and HBO are going to be using the shows they already own as content to attract new subscribers. Much of this content used to be available on Netflix. “Community” was a very popular show when it was on NBC for many years. It has a very large and loyal following. Therefore, it is a definite home run for Netflix to acquire it.

Netflix has been focusing mainly on its original content. They have been spending literally billions of dollars every year to produce their own original movies and shows. There is a very big advantage to doing this. They can keep these shows on the platform forever. They do not have to worry about the rights to the shows reverting to a different company. Therefore, future Netflix subscribers can know with absolute certainly which shows are always going to be there for the entire duration of their subscription. A common complaint among Netflix subscribers is popular shows and movies leaving the platform without warning.

There are many rumors that “Community” will not be the only big sitcom that Netflix will be adding in the next few months. It remains to be seen if these rumors turn out to be true. The bottom line is that the Netflix catalog of shows is definitely much better than it was a few days ago.


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