The Flash Showrunner Promises Tragic Consequences in Iris Storyline


Season 6 of The CW superhero show The Flash has tackled some big storylines thus far. While the first half of the season saw the team come up against the vampire-like villain Ramsey Rosso/Bloodwork, the second half has focused on the fallout of the long-awaited “Crisis on Infinite Earths” arc. In the most recent batch of episodes, Barry and his friends had to contend with the death of the Speed Force and, as a consequence, Barry losing his super speed. However, a much bigger problem has recently reared its ugly head: Iris being trapped in the mirror world.

Iris found herself in the mirror world after investigating McCulloch Technologies in the show’s Valentine’s Day episode. Once there, she found that the company’s founder, Eva McCulloch, had been imprisoned in the mirror world since the night of the particle accelerator explosion in season one. While Eva and Iris have seemingly formed an alliance to escape the mirror world, it has been shown that Eva has nefarious motives. After Iris was trapped in the mirror world, a clone of her, dubbed “Mirror-Iris” by fans, infiltrated Team Flash. Later episodes showed that Eva could control this clone of Iris. In a new interview with reporters from TV Line, Eric Wallace, showrunner for The Flash, said that fans would not have to wait long for Mirror-Iris to be outed as a fraud.

Continuing, Wallace said that the reveal would take place well before the season finale and that it would place Team Flash on a dangerous path. Wallace even added that the consequences of Mirror-Iris’s outing would be “tragic” for the team. Thus far, several characters on Team Flash have begun questioning the identity of Mirror-Iris. In episode 11, Barry wonders how his wife was able to pick up cooking skills so quickly when she made him a gourmet breakfast. In last week’s installment, Wally West/Kid Flash also sensed something different about Iris, warning his father, Joe West, to keep an eye on her. Wally’s advice later prompted Joe to notice that Iris was acting differently around Barry, particularly in how she was not showing much concern or affection for her husband when he was placed in dangerous situations.

The Flash returns to The CW on April 7 with an episode entitled “So Long and Good Night.”


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