Odd Sounds Coming From Deep Space Have Stumped Researchers


Several researchers have been paying attention to sounds that seem to be coming from space. These sounds have been recorded every 14 to 16 days with no clear details behind them. However, there has been a pattern established that could reveal that there is some type of intelligence behind the signals that have been sent. The sounds have been detected over half a billion light-years away from Earth, which is an interesting detail for researchers as the only things that are known to be that far out in space are stars and planets with no life on them.

As researchers have been listening to the sounds, they have detected fast bursts that occur over a short period of time. Once the bursts have been emitted, they aren’t heard until about two weeks later. While some believe that it could be radio bursts from satellites, others aren’t so sure because typical radio bursts aren’t emitted in patterns that continue to occur over the span of several days.

The first sounds were recorded in 2018 when researchers with the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment detected a short series of bursts coming from an unknown source. The bursts could be heard every hour for four days. After staying silent for 12 days, the bursts would begin again. There is a galaxy that researchers believe the bursts could be coming from, but until further investigations are completed, there is no clear indication as to the exact location that is the source of the bursts. Some researchers believe that the sounds could be the result of stars orbiting or even the development of starts. If researchers are able to continue detecting these bursts, they can begin to piece together information that could lead to pinpointing and exact location so that they know what could be taking place in a galaxy far away.


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