Adam Sandler Will Make Four More Netflix Movies


One of the biggest movie stars of the past 25 years has been Adam Sandler. His movies usually get very bad reviews. However, that has not stopped his films from raking in millions of dollars at the box office. His critics will say that he is a terrible actor and he plays the same role in every one of his movies. There is some truth to that. However, he has a very large fan base who clearly loves the kind of comedy that he provides. A few years ago, he entered into an agreement with streaming giant Netflix to do for films exclusively for them. The contract has been a huge success for both sides.

“Murder Mystery” was the most recent collaboration between Adam Sandler and Netflix. It was released last year. The streaming giant recently revealed that it was their most watched movie of 2019. Therefore, it was only a matter of time until Sandler and Netflix agreed to another pact. Adam has said that he likes working with Netflix because of the creative freedom that they give to him. He said that the regular movie studios are always watching very closely about how their money is being spent. Netflix just lets Adam do pretty much whatever he wants to do. They have enough faith in him to make a movie that people will want to watch.

Netflix and Sandler have been the perfect partnership since they put out their first movie together in 2015. It seems crazy to say it, but people have been watching Adam Sandler movies on Netflix for a combined two billion hours since he signed his first contract. This shows that he has a massive appeal. Sandler recently played a dramatic role in a film called “Uncut Gems” that was not produced for Netflix. Sandler has said that he will do occasional outside projects during his current Netflix deal.

It is not known if Adam will be making any serious films for Netflix. All of the previous films he has made for the streaming giant have been of the goofy comedy variety that he is famous for. Netflix is probably going to ask Adam to keep churning out the comedies since that is what has made their partnership so tremendously successful. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. There is no question that the news of more Adam Sandler movies on Netflix have made his fans very happy.


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