9 Members of a Family Contract Coronavirus After a Shared Meal


The 26th of January would be an infamous day, especially for 19 members of a Chinese family. The family members gathered in Hong Kong to share a meal. Most of them had traveled from different parts of the country. Two of them traveled from mainland China. They ordered a meal in Kwun Tong’s Leno Party Room. South Morning China Post reported that no signs of the illness were evident. The reports assumed the illness was in the first stages, and the members were undergoing mild symptoms of the infection.

After sharing the meal, more people started showing signs of the illness. On Sunday, two members of the family tested positive of the coronavirus – a 22-year-old male and his grandmother. By evening, other members of the family also tested positive. According to the South China Morning Post, they included the 22-year-old parents, three of his cousins, and two aunts. One of the two relatives from mainland china also tested positive upon returning home. This has become a wakeup call Chinese authorities on the severity of coronavirus. It has proved that the contagious levels of the illness are very high. The Chinese government should put more stringent measures to counter the spread of the respiratory disease. Dr. Chuang Shuk-Kwan, who is responsible for containing the spread of the disease, told South China Morning Post that they had difficulties in containing all suspected cases at the right time.

The first time coronavirus was identified, reports say the first victims of the virus had attended a wild game and air seafood event in Wuhan which is mainland China. Studies have concluded that the virus is spread through saliva, transmitted through sneeze and cough. A new study also reports that it can be transmitted through stool and urine contact. The doctors maintain that the incubation period of the illness remains between two and 14 days.

Evidence points to the possibility of people who have mild symptoms potentially spreading the disease. Dr. Chuang told South China that if these facts were true, it would be difficult to control the spread of the illness. However, she added that they would do all they can. If the asymptomatic transmission is on the rise, it is a concern to the American community and the rest of the world. The 9 cases of the family are an addition to the other 33 cases confirmed in Hong Kong. Dr. Chuang advises Hong Kong citizens to avoid shared meals until coronavirus is eliminated. She adds that the amount spent together should be reduced.



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