Pelosi Puts Pressure On Mitch After Reading Parnas Ukrainian Notes


The Duchess of Sussex came out from her $14 million Canadian estate to visit a women’s shelter. Her Canadian pad comes equipped with the Canadian Navy sitting quietly a quarter-mile off the coast. Meghan also had a security team with her.

Duke Harry cut a deal with his grandmother that gives Meghan more space and freedom. She plans to work on a Disney project as a voice actor. The Queen didn’t want Meghan to hear what Charles and William thought of Harry’s great escape, so the duchess didn’t dial-in during the meeting.

A part-time break from the Monarchy will be a struggle. Harry wants to get off the taxpayers’ payroll, and that might mean he might not be a duke, and Meghan a duchess, once they go off to help the poor as well as the animal life around the planet. The Queen told her moneymen to figure out a way to cover security, travel, housing needs, and still give the couple enough money to rub noses with the famous and the elite.

The British press will continue to bug Meghan if she keeps the title. Some Brits have racism running through their royal blood. Meghan took the brunt of the press’s bad behavior. Boris hasn’t said much about the royal chaos. He’s trying to make a deal with Huawei, and Trump keeps threatening him. The Trumpster has a hard-on for the giant tech company.

Johnson knows he needs a trade deal with China once he finishes what Theresa May started. Boris wants a total trade deal with the EU by the end of 2020. Johnson wants a tariff-free trade agreement with Europe, and he wants the same thing from his pal, Trump. Trump told him to forget the deal he made after the Palace dinner if he signs a tech deal with Huawei.

The impeachment trial is about to get ugly. Trump said he didn’t get a fair trial in the House, so he wants one in the Senate. First, the House didn’t hold a trial. They held an investigation. And second, Trump still doesn’t know who will be on his defense team. He said he wants Jacketless Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows to show up to defend him. Bringing Congressman to a Senate trial can turn the trial into a Trump pig fu*k.

Nancy Pelosi read the notes Lev Parnas wrote when he helped Rudy screw Maria Yovanovitch, and force Zelensky to be Trump’s Biden-bitch. Parnas wants to cut a deal, so he stays out of an orange jumpsuit for campaign violations as well as a plethora of other charges. Nancy told Mitch she finally has a document that proves the Trumpster wanted Ukraine’s help so he could bone Biden.


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